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Darn successful test no test here you also might have missed this manuel noriega the expanamanian manium manium x the x dictator from panama died at the age of eighty three and noriega of course was friend photo what was the one point in the relationship of the united states he was fred but so that's pretty big obviously his his death but he of course was long since a decade ago decades ago balanced he was ousted from power by an invasion an eighty nine and the end panama's president juan carlos varela announced noriega's death on twitter saying it closes the chapter in the country's his jury noriega died from a hemorrhage following surgery to remove a brain tumor like i said he's a onetime ally to the us who ruled panama with an iron fist from eighty three to eighty nine then he served a seventeen year sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering in the us after he it after completed that sentenced in two thousand and seven he was imprisoned in france for money laundering he was like the epic criminal right the one that we embraced initially before he returned in 2011 to panama where he was already convicted in abstentia so he accused washington of a conspiracy to keep behind bars and tied his legal travels to the refusal to cooperate with the us plan aimed at toppling noriega's leftist sandinista government in the eighties yeah i mean it's it's crazy when you think of the neighborhoods that were bombed out what happened how he was eventually smoke out and how many people died moon did and all of that in ten what happened in panama all right now it's time for the other side in just a few minutes here on america tonight with me delaney join the.

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