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Of ninety two tonight clear breezy low sixty four looks great for friday night plants and then tomorrow mostly sunny above normal with a high of ninety six we keep it quite hot on sunday with a high in the mid ninety s again from cbs four i'm ashton altieri on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm cloudy and sixty three degrees in denver now on colorado's morning news a very rare thing has happened in park county a tornado was spotted near the western past fire in park county on thursday very rare events for park county only their sixth tornado since records began in nineteen fifty for wonder occur over a fire that's pretty remarkable russell danielson with the national weather service there was no damage from that tornado roger quarterback koa newsradio crews at the western pass fire were briefly sent away from the fire lines as that tornado passed that fire has burned twelve thousand nine hundred acres and his only seventeen percent contained on the state's largest fire the spring creek fire the containment number is up to thirty five percent today after some rain there fires scorched an amazing one hundred three thousand acres here basaltic at the lake christine fire andy and bill macaulay lost their home near eligible they'd lived there for more than three decades and had just five minutes to evacuate grandpa fathers by a couple of family treasures and our two cats got two cats got the wife that's how we that's pretty much it was the important part now two people have been arrested for starting the late christine fire twentythreeyearold richard carl miller and.

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