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Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks. Andy Murray's comeback from hip surgery takes a big step forward as the former world's number one has advanced the last 16 of the Western and Southern Open, Big three, said win over fifth seeded Alexander's Win for Marius is first over Top 10 opponent since back in 2017 Barcelona has confirmed to ESPN Deportes says that Lionel Messi has used the Spanish back service bureau facts that requires proof to third parties. His desire to leave the club with for the past 20 years candle by using the same service that they want the 33 old remain with the club and finish his career in the catalog. Capitol. Reports out of Messi's native Argentina says that the six time belonged or winner believes a clause in his contract around to leave on a free transfer, Marsha says it has expired at the end of June. Messi's reps say the deadline should been extended to the end of August. Two to the extension of the season. Trailblazers All star Damian Lillard will miss Wednesday's game five Portland's first round playoff series against the L. A Lakers with a right knee sprain guard suffered the injury in the third quarter of Monday's game for loss leads the best of seven series three games to one. SAN Francisco 40 Niners, announcing that defensive end Nick Bosa suffered a muscle strain in his leg, has listed his week to week. Last season. Boaster was named the N F L defensive rookie of the year and voted to his first Pro Bowl. Meanwhile, Niners first round pick wide receiver Brandon I. It is out the Handspring strain on Dan Sports. They met your Bloomberg World Sports Update. Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg Business APP on Bloomberg Quick Take This is a Bloomberg business Flash. Everybody's 17 minutes past the hour. We update markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg. I'm Brian Curtis in the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers studio in Hong Kong. Well, no big catalysts in the markets today, just this one of steady drift higher that we've seen loose monetary policy. Reopening economies leading toward global recovery, and that is helping stocks levitate. The future's in Asia are kind of flat here Ato moment, maybe a little bit of a swing to the positive. HangSeng index futures 1/10 of a percent similar for what See China fifties. We do see SNP Minnie's also about 1/10 of a percent. Australian futures, though I looked open down this morning down about 6/10 of 1% 1 of the big movers in in markets. So at least one big stories here after the market closed Teva Pharmaceuticals. Has been charged with conspiring to fix prices, rigged bids and allocate customers for generic drugs. The Department of Justice says the company participated in three conspiracies from at least as early as May of 2013. Until at least around December of 2015. This is statement from the Department of Justice. One other catalyst that may come form not sure Sales force isn't such a big company, but it did make it into the Dow. It topped forecasts. Raised its outlook on on strong demand for software and stock has mentioned earlier traded up about 13% in after hours currencies. Dalian 106 37 the dollars little bit weaker now. Euro at a dollar 18 32 1 18 30 to yield on the 10 years 68 basis points by crude benefiting it's up now around $43.45 19 minutes past.

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