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Hmm. What stars for Tina four stars and stars for l to four star. Hey, it's a great week. And thanks for all the Oscar work to see that I mean the nightlife with Is us. Um SE GI joining us? Thank you for the ticks. By the way. The wolf held by Frances McDormand. Was in reference to the light. Michael Wolff Snyder, who died It was a production sound mixer. Thanks to everyone who poured our attention to that as well. Nightlife with Philip Plant on ABC Radio. Kate Rafi, president of the Building Football Club, to be the first female president of the oldest football club in the world, and in fact the oldest sporting club in the world, You know, it's such a massive honor. Virginia tree, Ali, You're in trouble. Now. Someone will take to saying Melvin's the oldest competitive team in the world oldest professional team in the strikes in the world. Yes, I am going Well. This'll antics. Melvin haven't been competitive for years. Virginia Tree Ali weekday mornings from a third on ABC Radio Milburn Tomorrow's news tonight. Let's roam around the country's newsrooms to find out what is keeping him busy. Peter Angelopoulos from the moment Harold Son joins us first up. Paid a good evening. Thanks for joining us. Thank you Feel great to have you with us to small businesses would be given on and precedent and boost their bottom line. Under a big plan to overhaul the states Pay robotics team. That's absolutely right, Phil. We've got a story on the front page of the Hill fronted tomorrow about opposition leader Michael O'Brien pledging to increase the payroll tax threshold from $700,000 to $1.6 million. Now that'll take the living from the most onerous the most generous in the country. So a lot of good sounds coming out of her head out of the opposition tonight. Mm. Okay, formally male student who now has now identified as a female will remain at one of Milburn's oldest Catholic boys colleges with the full support of the school and religious leaders. That's exactly right. So we've got a bit of amazing story here and in the front of that up formally male student who he is now is assumed a female identity. Now she will remain it. Millions oldest school, which is a via college, and we've got quite suicide vehicle into principal William Dougherty. He was written to the parents, so I'm in the the heat off Junior's undergoing significant and courageous, personal journey, and they're getting a lot of the young person's getting a lot of support. From that faculty, and it's something we can all applaud. Don't given up. Where we have these days with inclusiveness. Yes, indeed. One day it all right, and fight from India have now been suspended until the middle of May. Well, that's exactly right. That's something your son is breaking in its addressing the music, stranding all its strength. A lot of that cricket is you want to say fill in India as well. That's surrender story. There are more than 300,000. Infections and die in more than 3000 people losing their lives terrible situation. And so it's spurred the government to basically banned flights from India. Until these may sustain it could possibly extend further than that, but Um, they're bad, but, well, they're baton that 19,000 strange returned from India since the pandemic began, and they were better than 9000, who were trying to get back home and about 650 of those considered vulnerable. So unfortunately, seems like a few. A lot of losses remain stranded in India given given the catastrophe that's unfolding there. Mm Yes, and dude or a better thank you. Thank you. So thank you to to Peter and jobless and jobless from the Melbourne Herald Sun Denny. Other whites from the Sydney Morning Herald also joins us down the other. Good evening. Good evening. The in A rolls has pitched a proposal to split the competition into two conferences and that I would say new teams that it in Brisbane in New Zealand is part of a Old expansion plan. Here we go again. Yeah, well, the plan things have the backing of one of the game's most influential figures, with Wayne Bennett throwing his support behind the concept that would revolutionize the professional game. The general chief executive and the chairman, They've met with several cut clubs, apparently Over the past fortnight to outline the long term vision for the game in regards to expansion and how they can maximize future broadcast rights steals. The general of major source of income comes from its multimillion dollar television deals with the Games. Power brokers tell Ng clubs that channel 10 was interested in pinching the free to Iraq from Channel nine. Um from 2023 1 of the ideas to increase broadcast revenue is already is a radical proposal to follow the American sport conference systems. A move that would be designed to increase rivalries and interest in the sport. Well, so they say Yes. So all of that money actually. All right. Ah, Now the dream O N e MP John Sidoti insisted that he didn't lie or make up evidence as he completed his final day on the witness box. Of a public inquiry into his conduct as an MP. It hasn't been very good time for Mr Saddam. You helped No, I will Hays Bane giving evidence or over five days to the corruption watchdog and shoes. They was his final day. The watchdog is examining if he used his positions position to improperly influence local liberal counselors. The city city of Canada Bay, from 2000 and 11 to 2000 and 18. It's focused on his lobbying to rezone locks and dock five where his parents orange profits property despite experts claiming it was not in the public interest. His repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he was representing constituents and shot capers of five dock in his efforts to achieve rezoning as part of the town center. Ray design. So when should they hate related conversation he said he had with one local business owner who wanted to discuss evidence is the Sedalia given to the ICAC. Hey said the conversation took place in the first or second week of the inquiry. The spot the facts. He took the stand for the first time last week. Mm. All right. And the board of Australia Post. It turns out found to get any legal advice or even get a written commitment from Christine Hole. Get that she would stand aside from investigation. Into the watches saga before publicly announcing that she'd agreed to do so. Yes. So it means Holgate is she's now considering legal action against Australia Post over what we know it was a controversial exit as chief executive back in November. Claiming that the chair and lawfully studio down in breach of a contract and need pressure from the Morrison Government A to fire Ethan it inquiry hearing on Tuesday, six Australia Post board members defended their handling of the watches fiasco, agreeing with chair which you do by telling me that we told you it was Oh, no apology by the company and backing his account that she had a great stand aside and phone conversations between the pair. On an afternoon in October in October as me, asshole get down on her part, and since she did not speak to the chair it all that afternoon, the deputy Australia Post chair told the enquiry that legal advice was not necessary when the board met that afternoon for the purposes off, requesting this whole gates stand aside. Mm Yes, it's Not looking so good. All right, Danny. Hello. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Then you know what from the Sydney Morning Herald and the McCanns with us from the Hobart's Mercury. What is going on in her back? Any good evening? It is. Thank you. Well, a massive civil climb ways by hundreds of people affected by the Donnelly bushfire. Against the woman they claim caused it. Has kicked off in. How about Supreme Court? Yeah, That's right. So, uh On Tuesday. The cases are opened on behalf of nearly 400 people. I think his properties in those the devastating fires that happened in 2013 and I think 193 100 total was lost in the fire. And the opening address huge that the woman called the bush fire by negligently failing to extinguish a campfire inside of tree sucks, but I have a partner and that was during a fire appeared permit period..

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