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I'll ask him if it's one of our guys pitching they'll tell me. The coach calls every pitch usually about the fourth or fifth hitter into the gay man. I can tell that coach is going to call eighty five ninety percent of the time you know because the coaches are patterns habits and tendencies to their. This is not rocket science but the reality of it is we play in real time man but what might work for that pitcher Days ago or two games ago it might not be working today in this environment might not be working with this umpire calling the game. It might not be working with you. Know the discipline that these hitters are has shown at the plate all the different nuances and pieces. That go into what would what would make me to change my strategy. What would make me change the the way. I'm gonna pitch against this guy. And i think we kinda give this generic kind of idealism and it really isn't it's gotta be super specific to that individual pitcher about what's working that day and then the reality of what's going on in the game you know whether the hearts got a big strike zone whether you know what the other teams philosophy is and so i think when we start stacking that piece into it what we call them and him piece. The me is really you like we just talked about. You know what your patterns have tendencies are then the them piece. Is your opponent your code the team that you're facing that coaches philosophy does he have. Does he have a hitting philosophy. Does he have a a game philosophy to where they take a lot of pitches early the first time through the order. They don't swing at the first pitch. 'cause they always try to run up a pitch count on starting pitcher and they wanna see as many pitches at first time through the order as they came. You know. Every coaches got their own philosophy on how they want to attack different pitchers and how they one attack the opponent..

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