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The first time in a year. We are hopeful. The end of the pandemic is incite. But are we prepared for the next one. This is the people's pharmacy with terry and joe graydon infections that don't respond to antimicrobial. Treatment are already becoming more common. What will doctors do when the antibiotics antifungal drugs. They've relied upon for decades stop. Working hospitals are among the most secretive organizations in the country. Trying to figure out the true cost of treatment is extremely challenging. Prescription drugs have become budget-busters. What can we do to reverse this. Trend coming up on. The people's pharmacy could antimicrobial resistant. Infections become the next and dynamic in the people's pharmacy health headlines public health experts have been worried about the evolution of sars covy to the corona virus responsible for covid nineteen some of the new variants. That have arisen may have the potential to be transmitted more easily that appears to be the case with be one one seven a variant. I identified in the uk. Researchers in great britain looked at genomes from over at thousand kovic positive nasal swabs and found that most people had only one or two variants but a few had numerous mutated viral genomes mutations in the spike protein have scientists concerned because they could help the virus the immune system the variant called p. one first detected in brazil is worrisome. In this regard a report published in the new england journal of medicine has a laid some fears according to the manufacturers the pfizer bio intech vaccine is effective against p. one in laboratory tests the researchers used serum from vaccinated volunteers and found that it neutralized the virus. A small study published last november in jama disappeared almost without a trace it compared fluvoxamine to placebo for treating cova patients. The results were surprisingly good. Out of one hundred and fifty two people with covid nineteen eighty took fluvoxamine and seventy two took a look alike placebo pill. Six of those on placebo had serious clinical deterioration. Compared to none of those on fluvoxamine this study is being replicated in a larger trial to confirm whether fluvoxamine has significant benefits against covid this generic medicine is prescribed primarily to treat obsessive compulsive disorder..

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