TOM, Soros, Marrakech Morocco discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


Like six in the morning tom that time to wake up so i wrote a bunch of notes here say some of them are on hotel coasters and these are the notes that the gentleman basically laid out to me and i knew this gentleman is families well known and wealthy to say the least and he has been involved in army special operations army psychological operations and he's even said i can say he'll is now at this point i said i'm giving you some time to cool off before we do that right now this he told me this about an hour and a half ago right now he's in hot water with the folks but we had to do this in case they try to kill him oh or myself because here's the bottom line ordain was fifty one years old yet a happy nine year old daughter it just gotten remarried he'd never been happier it'd been friendly on us for a long time she was becoming best friends with moscow mazdas fully elected globalism the new world order the whole brainwashing system the post human system they're trying to set up he's been saying everything that i told you twenty years ago and i put an end game eleven years ago not because he's following what i said but because that's what the global planning he's been leading at the highest levels into their meetings because he's a high q guide a multibillionaire now he's under soros attack and others rang hostile takeover so they were in marrakech morocco two months ago kicking off the taping of his new season zero point zero is the production company owns his own show and musket hit already been hanging out there in morocco for a four or five days really discussing what was happening what was going on up on this big vista where they had this high tech a science lab connected to some of the leaders of morocco and so they're out there doing the shoe you'll you'll remember a few months ago with one of our gas from iraq and they were discussing all these things and.

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