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Philadelphia's secondary has been an infirmary as of late although they've got some really good play from guys like result. Douglas. But as you mentioned, this is this is still a team that's built on defense primarily in Vic Fangio has had this this unit. Just humming as of late, and the funny thing is I don't think Khalil Mack is head of Saxons Green Bay game when he had three. I mean, he had a ton of pressures in in San Francisco, and they were clearly trying to get rid of the ball quickly to avoid him. And then last. Week. He had a couple of near misses. Oh, he's always pressuring. He just hasn't really gotten home as of late. But a lot of people have been talking about the fact that the last time Khalil Mack saw the eagles. He struggled against lane. Johnson lane Johnson's a really good tackle. But I mean, Chicago is gonna flip Floyd and MAC often. So I expect them to feast I expect Chicago's defense to do what it has done. And even though a lot of people in the media are picking against the bears right now. I'm not really sure what that's all about. I think the bears win at home. So which will set up a really good divisional weekend. I think because then that means they'd go to LA on Saturday night. Which would be a cool game the rematch. If you will. All right. I ask my name is Keith thanks for tuning in. And listening was babble. We only did. Now. It's fifty minutes. That's okay. That is serious progress. We can we can build on this. So if you cannot also check out the other programs, we've got under the Finsider radio podcast network. I think I said that correctly fence, I radio my old show is on their other got another program called the blowhole. So I think that comes out tomorrow. So a lot of programs to check out a lot of content goodstuff checkout for the dolphins and other teams around the league. So thanks for tuning in again. My name is Keith. And for Zach a have a great night. We'll talk to you next week. Hello. You're listening to Simone to Roche for one of the hosts of the polygon show..

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