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Materials and bio hazards throughout Washington. If the blobs were some kind of biological weapon sunny thought he could help. At his has Matlab osweiler found a number of cells within the Gu. While he couldn't identify their exact sources. He did discover a surprising new detail. All the cells were from different living organisms. They came from multiple types of animals, not just humans. Unfortunately his equipment wasn't precise enough for him to identify exactly what species had the cells? Osweiler only positively identified one. Another white blood cell it seemed like a typical human leukocyte except for one thing. This sal had no nucleus. Nuclei contain DNA or chemicals that tell the cell what to do. Normally every plant and animal cell has a nucleus otherwise it wouldn't be able to function properly. The only cells that don't have nuclear I come from simple organisms like bacteria, and they don't have blood or white blood cells. This was like nothing osweiler had ever seen before. Sadly, he couldn't determine much more. Oswaldo was a hazardous waste expert, not a biologist. He told Sonny about the lack of a nucleus, but admitted he wasn't able to shed much more light on the blobs. Sunny was beginning to think she'd never find out what was going on, so she changed tactics if she couldn't find a researcher who could help her? Maybe the experts would come to her. Sunny just needed to get the word out. She spoke to journalists and news networks, hoping to drum up public interest. After the specimen was stolen from Mike McDowell's lab sunny publicly questioned whether some sort of government cover up was at play. In her opinion, there was no other reason why the blob should be so stubbornly and matic. Sonny's mother Dadi wanted answers to. Almost a year after the summer of the BLOBS, she sent out samples of her own for testing. She'd collected during one of the BLOB fallouts and had started in her freezer for months this time the sample went to microbiologist. Tim Davis a researcher at an independent lab. Well Tim had more biological experience than Mike Osweiler. He still wasn't able to positively identify the material he did find a EUKARYOTIC cell. That is an organic sell that did have a nucleus, but he wasn't able to determine any more information. At this point to researchers had found cells with Nuclei, one found a white blood cell with no nucleus. These conflicting results only led to more questions about the BLOBS, and they weren't giving up their secrets that easily. A year after the blobs came to Oakville, their origin was still a mystery, but researchers had uncovered a few key facts. The Jelly either once was or had come from something that was alive. or it had been created as a matrix to keep micro-organisms alive. It contained bacteria that could cause illness, but it was unclear this particular bacteria was making oakville aliens sick human gut bacteria was also present, and some samples had what appeared to be human white blood cells inside them. then. There was the mystery around the BLOBS appearance and subsequent Vanishing Act. They rain down on Oakville six times in August nineteen, ninety four, but never again afterward. The goo that had coded roads and fields had dissolved into the ground and once sunny. Dadi sent out all their samples. There was no more left to test within a year. All the evidence had disappeared leaving only mystery in its wake. Coming up. We'll compare the OAKVILLE blobs to other mysterious jellies now back to the story. The OAKVILLE blobs, are an Iguana. We know that they fell to the ground during a number of rainstorms in August nineteen, ninety four, they reportedly contained bacteria as well as human white blood cells some with a nucleus some without. A number of oakville residents got sick after touching the stuff and pets and livestock died. But that's it. That's as far as the evidence takes us in the nearly twenty six years since that first rainfall, no one has conclusively proven what the Gel was or why it fell from the sky. The blobs have long since dissolved into the ground, and no samples remain to test with modern lab equipment. The residents of oakville recovered from their illnesses and tried to get back to normal, but mystery remained. And as far as we can tell, the substance hasn't appeared anywhere since. But. We could look at some similar phenomena to see if we can identify any trends. To be clear, there's never been another recorded event quite like the oakville blogs, but around the world there have been reports of bizarre objects, plants, animals, even blood raining down from the sky. In the fourteenth century, scholars in what's now. The United Kingdom reported strange gelatinous stuff that appeared in mounds and piles. This substance called star. Jelly legendarily appeared on grass and trees in large translucent clumps after meteor showers. This star, Jelly or some other substance similar to it was documented by various cultures all over the world, some medieval medical guide suggested it as a remedy for abscesses and ulcers, unlike the OAKVILLE. blobs star Jelly is a repeat phenomenon. Even today it still frequently found after meteor showers, fuelling rumours that falls the stars. It's important to note that nobody has reported seeing star Jelly full from the sky, and intermingle with rain like the oakville blogs, and as near as we can tell. Star Jelly doesn't make people sick each time it appears the Jelly. Exists for a few short hours before dissipating into the ground. Since the substance never last long. It's proven difficult to research. Some hypothesize the material is excreted from frogs salamanders worms. In two thousand fourteen Scottish researchers miles. Oh, Riley, Nicole Ross published a paper claiming that star Jelly was glycoprotein a substance. Female frogs have in.

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