Nathan Fletcher, $25 Million, Democrats discussed on Sean Hannity


I I HD to San Diego Live local breaking first President Kamala Harris, campaigning for the governor in the recall, Um Jack Cronin in the Kogo New Center, the former California senator in the Bay Area here today, Speaking in San Leandro, saying Democrats stand for dreamers for women and for voting Rights, California let us send a message to the world. That these are the things we stand for. These are the things we fight for, and we will not give up because we know Is Tuesday. The county's looking to provide increased medical care for inmates here in San Diego across the jail system. We're talking $25 million the higher 160 staff members and to start this comprehensive program for treatment, everything from medication intake assessments, behavioral, mental health therapy and then connection to resources for people. Once they get out of jail, we're gonna spend the money. Either way. We're either gonna spend it on you continuing to come back and break the law and get incarcerated and get released and break the law. And get incarcerated, released or we're going to spend it on. Maybe helping you get well not come back care, Nathan Fletcher stood alongside San Diego County under Sheriff Kelly Martinez and Behavioral Health Services director Dr Luke Bergman to announce a plan to add more clinicians and social workers and to begin a comprehensive ongoing assessment and treatment plan. For anyone who enters a detention.

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