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In person, I thought this is the most powerful woman I've ever met. I mean physically so powerful, and I was dumbstruck I just didn't even I. Mean I've interviewed presidents and prime ministers and princes and I just really didn't even know what to say to her. I was so. I love the idea that we can not only have power in our academic work in whatever we do, but then also have power of body. Strength. and. She also to me, embodies that in a way that I think is really powerful. What are you like as a boss? That's a great question. I need a lot of research. So I, think the simplest way to explain. It is I like to know everything. I read a lot I read six newspapers a day I get now I. Get I used to when I was in New York, I used to get six or seven hard copies now I get three hard copies at home, and then I read the restaurant at work so I read. Read a lot so I really kind of I think most folks who work me know that I kind of my mantra sort of tell me something I don't know so i WanNa know that nugget that I've missed in my reading I have to say that my first job at college was delivering the newspapers in front of the offices and I remember your stack. There were a lot of our Dhabi's everyone had their exact like i. need this in this in this order and I. I remember when. Danielle with folded those nicer. They're all over my. All over my desk here, you know I would be a good question to ask other people but I mean I read a lot, so there's a lot of research notes. I like binders with tabs, but I think. The only other thing I think is a non speaking of those my assistant. Who Work with me? They know that I that I'm not good at remembering is but I wanna remember birthdays and things I always try and send birthday notes and baby gifts, so you know people who work with me know that I need constant reminders about stuff because I value that like not gonNA executing it, so they know I need help you know executing those kinds of things I wanNA. Talk a little bit more about obviously. There's the role that you play as as a journalist, and also there's the role that you play as a leader and a key figure at a news. News Division when you took over as the anchor of the Evening News, following a difficult time at CBS some people at the top were like go because of inappropriate conduct or sexual misconduct, including your former co Anchor Charlie rose whether you expected to or not you and your boss. Susan's are inskeep. You guys have represented. You know the future of a news division and really a different time in news. How did you think about setting the tone, not just for the viewers, but for the people that were working for you guys every single day because watching it from the outside. It seems like there would be a great deal of leadership needed in that difficult time. Yeah I did I thought very seriously about it. I think that what I said on the air that morning, and then I repeat it again when other instances happened at CBS News and there were there was also executive changes was that you know women cannot achieve full equality in the workplace until there's a reckoning and there has to be zero tolerance. And I. Mean I was Pretty Direct I. think is the way that I would put it on the air and I had friends look over exactly what I was GonNa say, because I wanted every word to be perfect and I wanted it to stand the test of time. I think people can do, but I think Oprah has commented about what I said. You know on the air that morning and I'm proud of what I said and I'm really proud, and I'm really proud of of CBS for making the changes that did and Susan Zaremski is like no other boss. I've ever had in my entire life. You know my mom, always Ramesh. She's like you are so lucky to work for that. Susan's too risky. And it's so true and what she does is that she not only is so involved in every detail, but she also leads with incredible heart. She sends emails. Saying that was a great piece. You know. She constantly calls and checks aunt. She after. You know any big night or something like that she'll concentrate on speakerphone, and then she'll take to the entire crew about what a great job everything was. So I think the interesting thing that I've learned just now is that? Those instances are really really hard, but the change and the growth that happens after is good. It's positive. It's right having Susan's Renske as as the president of CBS News is truly. It's the best moment in my career. We're not had great bosses that are men do, but I'm saying this. Is You know the reckoning that we went through? has led to what is the most a rewarding times ever in my career. That's really great and We know Susan while she's amazing and by the way when she when she was. Moving into that role, there was ridiculous criticism of a true and she's to me is is bulletproof i. mean she's really honestly. There's been a CBS for forty five years. She is universally beloved by everyone you know. We are going to move to our lightning round very difficult. You'RE GONNA, have serious bond very quickly to our rapid fire questions. You have worked on morning and evening TV. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Morning Person. What time do you get up? Now I get up at like six thirty. which is late. What's replaced your morning commute? Working out almost every day last TV show, you streamed or binge-watch. ozarks season three I had already watched the other to season. You are married to a chef. Do you ever cook? I do does he judge her food I? Don't think he hates it. I make banana bread and stuff like that. WHO's on your bucket list to interview? Kim Jong UN has always been on my bucket list and Justin Timberlake. Surprisingly is actually a very difficult interview. You get at long but online, and because I think he's incredibly talented. Well I have a lot of questions on that one Meteo. What is the worst professional mistake you've ever made? I don't know I think I've just forgotten it I. Mean I don't dwell on those things. My husband always says no regrets, so I can't remember it I'm sure I've made. Many I'm sure. When's the last time you negotiated for yourself? Every day every day. What is your shameless plug? To watch the CBS evening news which I do believe is the best curated thirty minutes of national. News in America are such a pleasure and honour to interview. Thank you. I love you guys! I need to interview year. This was so much fun. I everyone, we're trying something new. During this time of economic uncertainty, WE WANNA. Take a moment to spotlights new female powder companies. We've heard from many incredible skimmers who are leading small businesses, and we will be introducing them to you each week on skin from the couch. See the Lincoln are episode description for how to submit yourself or friends. Mining Musashi Chandran founder and CEO of key drops and t drops makes an assortment of bagless holy dissolve will tease. We are based in Los, Angeles California tea drops primarily e-commerce and a really lucky to have that channel, because that enables us to still.

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