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With my. And my favorite way to do it is with billy this amazing razor that makes my legs silky smooth. Billy has recreated the everyday essentials by delivering premium razors and high performing body. Care directly to us, so that means yes, you don't have to go to the drugstore. You're going to get these high quality amazing razors to your home. You can go to mypillow DOT COM and get their starter kit for just nine dollars that includes their award winning razor to refill blades in a magnetic holder that keeps your razor, safe and dry between us that way. You don't pick up your razor couple. Couple days later, and I'll jelly and gross, and you're like what kind of bacteria was growing on that. You know what I mean and billy is out there. Change more than just the way that you shave. They just released three. Completely clean must have products that you can add your routine including lip balm dry shampoo face wipes something that I use every day all three of those things, so you can stock up now I love billy, because not only does it. Give me a smooth shave, but it also doesn't mean his shave bumps and you know there are certain areas of your Shin. That it. Just it seems like shave bums are. Just a fact of life, but not with billy, and to express a little love for our show. Go to mypillow dot com slash almost famous. It's a small way that you can support us. We're getting the best razor you've ever owned delivered straight to your house, so go to my billy dot com that is spelled my billy B. I.. L. L. I., E. DOT COM slash. Famous. We're.

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