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News. And Amazon hackathon at a local school. I'm Jeff Gable. It's 9 18. And over to the traffic center to check things out with Jack. Flow traffic in Maryland run a 95 going southbound the wreck is after two 16 it's along the right side of the roadway we believe everything's been moved over safely onto the shoulder, but still getting looked at. Your slowdown begins before two 16 as you leave 32. Rest of the ride south toward the beltway you're fine. Topside outer loop, you will be slow, though. New Hampshire over toward George avenue, two 70s wide open north and south between Bethesda and Frederick, even the BW Parkway is looking better. We're still a little heavy southbound from one 98 down toward NASA Goddard. The inner loop of the beltway is good at a college park as you head down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge, little heavy on the outer loop as you pass two O two toward 50 and then again, a little heavy traffic after four 50 toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Keep an eye out just in case we've got any roving mobile crews. No big issues down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge Very slow traffic, though, en route 5 branch avenue going southbound just beyond the merge if you will from three O one headed down toward brandywine, nothing reported yet. New trouble though in Virginia, 66 Cohen west, I think we've got a crash. I'll be on one 23 as you head toward 50. Eastbound looked good at a Gainesville just a little heavy traffic approaching the beltway. 95 against slowing in lorton across the aka kwon, then again briefly in dumfries. Northbound, you look good, falmouth into Springfield, three 95s fine, leaving the beltway all the way up toward the 14th street bridge without much of a delay. We had an earlier vehicle fire on Moore's road up near the Prince William Parkway, and northbound fairfax county Parkway before Pope's head road, there was an earlier crash, protect your home from the invisible destroyer, termites, call home paramount pest control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or visit home paramount dot com. Jack Taylor. Traffic. All right, chuck bell. I guess we should enjoy all the sunshine we can right now, huh? Yeah, I can't promise that it's going to stay this sunny all day long. However, rain chances really are not all that

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