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Guys a college graduate he went to medical school he's not gonna come through all this security go to the county lockup the fight someone is own people say does not exist right once they stranger weird hanky that has no meaning say hanky how would you guys use the words ramat got no meeting i'm taking the stairs of walking joe joe use the word hanky did i sean thought of the scene from the fugitive with oscar winner tommy lee jones saying don't use the word hanky and has no meeting don't use words around me to have no meaning i'm walking i'm taking the stairs wonder if he said that his college roommate al gore the number one tommy lee jones piece of trivia so the n word i'm thinking there's a chance the n word might be breaking through to you can say it out loud when you're discussing it why would hope so it hasn't been the case we have we have we've had guests discuss it a long time ago so there's a movie called show dogs coming out it's a kids movie this is different from the n word thing right downturn in the movies today segment there's a movie coming out called show dogs and they took a couple of scenes out because parents who yan words in there now and we're there's nothing to do with this sorry they took a couple of scenes out of the movie this kid's movie with with talking dogs i mean it's that much of a kids.

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