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Twenty second today the first fall when is false start. Let's see. i thought it was yeah. False starts today. Happy faw We've got underway grants pass last night or monday night. I guess according to you guys know how this whole thing works by now but man. It was such a nice night. It was eighty degrees at first post sunsets about the fourth or fifth race ohs steadily cooling into the mid to low seventies with the best fall sunsets. Because there's all the big hills around to the west and You know it took me a little. While i i felt like the seventh and eighth race. I was kind of getting not not rusty from announcing but rusty from seeing races. There you know. Because colonial so big a mile a quarter dirt oval in the turfs like a mile and a sixteenth or something and so they're far away and you know it's just different and grants pass a half mile track so when i'm using my have innocuous they're like right there and so just. I kept my depth. Perception felt off. There's a few times where i'd be calling horses on the outside who i thought were most down the chute taking the lead or on the lead and i'd come off the goggles back. Oh they're half length behind the inside horse. Oops sorry people. So i'll get used to it. I'll get it figured out. But the happy to be back here in oregon column racist down here talking to you guys again. Appreciate a lot of nice notes on twitter about clad. The show is back so really appreciate you guys coming back Along with me and joining along Again twitter probably the best place to get. Hold me right now. Getting close to twitter milestone as i'm taping this twelve followers away from ten thousand. I i don't know what happens at ten thousand but i'm sure it's something nice Anyways going to talk to a trainer a today looking forward to talk with. Nf course some pacific northwest routes herself. I grew up in south western washington right around portland meadows and work there portland meadows for a little while. So we'll talk about the early days Her for you know she. She did what i always think is know. I romanticized the the leave home journey and i respect to leave home journey whether you make it or you don't and i was someone who was the first few times i left home. Didn't really make ran right home. And i've i've come to realize got older like that's just That's how it goes. And but you know but i would argue that. It's it's worked well more recently but that being said like i just think there's something great about you know taking a chance wanting to do what you want. I mean sometimes what you wanna do or who you want to be around or who you wanna be with. It's right there in your hometown. And i have friends that have really never left seattle. They don't have any desire to leave. Seattle they have great jobs. They have great families. They have great wives. I don't say that the you know that. I love the leaving home story to put down anyone who chosen not to. It's just it's just always something. I've been you know like i said romanticized a little bit. I mean my book was that right. It was running away and Trying to make a new life. Somewhere else You know. I would argue that sometimes people and me included in that. Because i've done this a couple times to run away from our location because we think we need a new location to kind of spur. Change maybe could be spurred at home or anywhere and i know i was certainly guilty of that and but And a story about you know leaving washington to go work in california We'll talk about that. She worked for our chairman quits. That was her first job. In southern california and coincidentally it was two thousand thirteen when he got a pretty important horse at his barnes. We'll talk about that ride. And obviously her own training career when i graded stakes race this past summer and the chicago stakes at arlington and much much more. So looking forward to having an on the show coming up here in just a couple of minutes Obviously the big news coming out on. Tuesday was the i. Don't wanna say retraction of intrigued baffert not going to run his horses Over at departure think. He said he's not running in the oaks or catalin right. I thought that was. I feel like Is it tim welcome. I feel he's the guy that a lot of times gets the the baffert scoops these days. He says Let's see let's go. There's yeah there's a bunch of stuff hall of fame trainer. Bob baffert not going shipment spirit pennsylvania derby i don't like the way he drew baffert said about the number nine post Baffert also private mission. Who was going to stay in california. So there you go so both races lose a runner. So they're down to fields of eight nine billion in pennsylvania derby more quotes from. Tim wilkins reporting baffert. Said medina. spear will be pointed to the grade. One awesome again on october. Second private mission of the grade. Three zan yata they run. Well they'll go to the breeders cup. Which of course is right. Down the freeway at del mar Baffert this was about an hour later. Baffert said i don't like to well. He might have had the conversation at one time. But tim tweeted an hour later. I don't like to put him on a plane. Less a feel good about it. Medina looks good. I just don't like the way the race was setting up. I feel part of my success is knowing win to run and doing. What's right for the horse. Obviously twitter went. you know. they reacted as twitter. Does and You know the it was interesting. I was thinking about it like you. Know if you're a baffert detractor which of which there are many You know. I don't know why you'd be upset about him. Not running in the race.

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