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This, primary election Tuesday the polls have been open for an hour and Floridians have voted early voted by mail more so than early voting during the last primary in two thousand sixteen, a presidential, election, year nearly sixty five thousand people voted. Early in Broward County the most in Florida, and you know there there's, going to be a decision on some of the school board seats that will actually come. Today could change the whole face of your school system, in Broward County Barry university political science professor Dr Shawn foreman. On this turn out usually turn is very low and primary elections especially ones, in, late August, but it seems voters haven't do the ads them for both. Parties. All, across the country so. While? The governor's race gets the most attention, today primary day also involves some, local congressional, races, if fifty, WFL's Ricky Bulla buffet fills us in the most watch race Might be in district twenty seven we're fourteen candidates are competing to replace. Retiring Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen four south, Florida. Incumbents are facing primary challenges in their congressional reelections district eighteen Republican Brian masses facing two challengers in Dave Cummings and Mark Freeman and district twenty six Republican Carlos Cabello is running against Sarah FOSS for the Democrats district twenty s Alcee Hastings is running against Sheila, McCormick and district twenty, twos Ted Deutch is facing challenger Jeff handle also district twenty fours Fredrika Wilson is facing challenge from Ricardo de LA Fuente this is Ricky bowl of news talk eight fifty WFAN, Gwen Graham, and, Republican Ron to Santa's appear to be. The front runners in their respective parties racist, for governor again the polls, will be open 'til seven as voters statewide nominate candidates for governor attorney general and agriculture. Commissioner we'll have special election coverage all day with results, beginning at eight tonight President Trump offering his condolences to the. Family of Senator John McCain so our hearts and prayers Going to the family of Senator John McCain. It'd be a lot of activity over the next number of days. And we very much appreciate everything that Senator McCain has done for, a country the flag back at half mast of the White House and the, president making those remarks at a dinner with evangelical leaders last night Arizona governor will fill McCain seat after he's laid to rest. On Sunday the governor could appoint McCain's widow Cindy to fill the seat President Trump is cheering. A new trade deal with Mexico the two sides have been working. To renegotiate NAFTA which Trump has called disastrous for. The US can do they used, to call if NAFTA whether they call it the United States Mexico trade agreement we'll get rid of the Dame NAFTA, has a bad. Connotation, because the United States was hurt very badly bye, NAFTA so Trump said yesterday with the president of Mexico. On the phone with him that it was a. Very big day for trade for both countries and also the stock market loved it it. Was up over two hundred Points. Eleven women's doing massage envy claiming massage therapist sexually assaulted them at, four locations across Palm Beach county attorney's claim the company did not report the. Alleged assaults to law enforcement and state licensing boards the.

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