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On ontario so that's it is the halfway tab now is nine forty three in the second but playbook continue and it will do so with a faceoff in the ontario zone yeah you know bowl is a very athletic goalie he will give up those rebounds sometimes we've seen that even games he's one against san diego the is have a new stick there to get it when you need it into the zone comes ontario for the one the drama san diego zone honor got checked in got the puck around in deep to their quarter two goals collided look at behind the net it's hair here trying to take advantage pass that to the blue line love bernie had a come right through his legs gonna chargers daniels thomas but campbell came out the the lady steve halfway between this the two circles to stickhandle that's where the goal yet to show a stickhandling ability because he was under pressure from a charging jordan samuel stops make german skips along the bench well for ontario in here will feather one that roles in deep and magnus sees the time aaron roles it over the near corner were savard will settle it internal back into a block charging the near wall time i was a little speed across the blue line stickhandling into the right circle now back anze one behind the net along we've got a penalty coming up at penalty is on the rain a but so we'll take it the forty nine left in the second what a return the goal the goal on the power play try to tie the game two to one ontario briggs it's either this in ben power play when we return of the mighty tonight great plays get ready because value his nino in okay that's what yeah his where he's and this is what dining obviously tom them all join the club.

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