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To help get snap recipients back into the workforce the bill spins a billion dollars to augment state training and work programs and rodney davis he's a republican from florida says the work requirement would help fill job openings created by growing economy in his district he says the machinery company caterpillar is having trouble hiring equipment operators our goal he says in my opinion should be to get people into those jobs at can't and other jobs around the country and of course democrats voted unanimously against the measure citing the changes to the snap program that they argued with throw thousands if not millions out of the food assistance program how does it throw them out if they don't work if they don't work they need to be thrown out this is a requirement if you don't work you're out if you don't wanna work you're going if you do wanna work and work with us we'll work with you but you're not gonna stay on this long term you got to be working and then once you're working you're making money will need food stamps anymore i'm telling you and i've told you this for years i beat on the console for emphasis democrats they always measure their success by how many people they get on food stamps and welfare conservatives and i'm going to say republicans because there are some republicans obviously they don't fall in this category conservatives measure their success of how many people they get off welfare ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country can you imagine that even being uttered by a democrat these days it's the opposite way around ask not what you can do for your country ask what your country can do for you oh my gosh quick out one eight hundred six one eight phil that's one eight hundred six one eight.

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