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So so blade was like okay. Simon is leaving and this is a personal statement from signing in quotes. Because he's leaving. He's leaving and okay so simon says i'm at the point in my life where i have little interest in blade or its partners bleaching my pros in an effort to avoid any readers potentially being triggered by my views bro easiest talking about the company. I think so angry with you sometime in. Are you fucking kidding me simon. We are helicopter company. This is not helping impose. This is not cnn. I don't i. i thought he was like rupert. What's her name. The scammer who'd be stealing oughta poems rupiah rupa rupa car. You've definitely seen her clothes because she everybody has quotes instagram. It's like little poems. That'd be like see with your. I eat the meat of life. Some random sue but it'd be sounded acute. That's still in poems as she season in the muppet stuff. She's got a little bit of a reputation but it's getting that's what he wanted to do. And it's we're helicopter company bro. What do you mean bleaching pros. You shouldn't be writing prose about a fucking helicopter company. All people want stats like his company. Doing where we in the rare we in the black. Gimme a chart and we're gonna invest how to stocks. I don't wanna know pros. I just. I mean this guy thought. He was going to start his literary career as a secret spokesperson for a helicopter company. I mean you're doing. You're doing too much. And the fact that he's leaving with indignation on top of it like fuck. Y'all fuck y'all disrespecting what the fuck. I was trying to do here. Assignment is not real. Simon that's not your name. Your weisenthal has done a whole days of our lives. Exit like simon's and a coma. Maybe he'll come back to life. We don't know like what's so. I'm still trying to understand what's going on. But all right so in a very despite this being a very public statement. Weisenthal says the drama surrounding. Simon separation was an inside joke amongst the creative team. Yes a you have inside jokes with like like public statements especially when you're doing a merger it just feels like not a good time to have inside jones. It's like those improv teams that they to perform and they're all laughing themselves but the audience is like what's going on here like you guys are just doing inside jokes. Nobody gets it. Hello hello we're here to we would or no okay. So he has not offered any additional explanation to why conflict was manufactured between simon and the company nor any explanation for the musings made in the newsletters. I don't understand the film. I mean right now. From what was her. Show where you know what the mean. We're like all the math comes up in the white ladies like oh. I don't think. I think that shows a french show. I don't think it's a real american show but yeah naci spiral. I'm so confused. I'm sitting here looking. Like i like a chalkboard into just like try to put all this registering a lot of photos fedral. I'm really just trying to put this puzzle together. I'm confused. why would you do this. I don't know who what. Why would you do as i maybe just wanted attention and then people were like okay. Everybody actually hates simon. He's a weirdo. And rob was like. Oh yeah yeah he sucks. Yeah fuck ham ham inside joke. No i think the company was like kill off this weird character that is bringing about liability to our company with. Y'all let him go for a while before you don't i mean like i. If if they sure started normally he was probably like. I'm going to create a fake alias to do our social media and reach out to people and then when the alias started getting traction because the company started getting traction. I feel like that's when he was like that's he cracked his his rely. Let's get to a baby. What are philosophies of the last forty years people want more signing people are okay. I'm gonna given what they won't know people want rides. They want rights. I literally still at the airport waiting for my my fucking helicopter shot. It's not coming. do you want to read. This weird is blonde purse. I gave thing. I guess i might as well. You will learn absolutely nothing afterwards but if you want to read this weird as blonde post please leave. I guess simon's waiting for you guys with that on a very confusing. I feel like simon scammed us that whole historic hoodwink. I feel like when i was reading simon's blog. What happened why. I have so many questions did lacy priscilla even say anything in the past thirty minutes. We said nothing. Nothing the loudest circles london roundabouts. Come on slut through some would call it a panhandles. you know he whips a few slides you know couple u-turns and some came turns right to the right to the right now dip dip now walking by yourself. Okay yeah yeah. We didn't do much talking about anything of substance. That's not our fault okay. That's silence all and also rob so all right guys. We're gonna take a quick break when we back after some non scam advertisements campbell pro. Y'all already know. I use it parties events. I look like a professional love. This for me. Building presentation is a daunting task right..

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