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Yeah fancy doc washburn show newsradio one or two point nine karn yeah fokker kinda upset now now we still got obamacare employees in i just share that article with you a few moments ago from the american spectator i put it up on the doc washburn show facebook page and that's why arctic economy has been so anemic since two thousand nine we're spin a one out of every five dollars on healthcare because the more government evolved than the more expensive again's in to be that as may that hasn't been said um we get it which which when we wanna do let let's let's do this from brand brandon riddle over the damn gaz a few minutes ago parental advisory on this when and arkansas woman who failed register as a sex offender after being ordered to probation for helping a teenager get into prostitution will spend nine years in prison texarkana gazette reported that twenty nine year old ashley elizabeth hatfield pleaded guilty thursday to a charge of failing richards a sex offender before miller county circuit judge kirk johnson the judge revoked half feels probate in sentencing her to six years in prison for transporting a minor across state lines for prohibited sexual contact as well as two three year terms for two counts of failure to register as a sex offender really women a judge in arkansas revolt somebody's probation jay marked the calendar marked the calendar according to the well done happen and often i don't think according to the texture cana gazette the three year terms are to run concurrently or consecutively with a sixyear term meaning she was sentenced to a total of nine years in prison august 2015 investigators with the texture cana police department learn from authorities in tennessee that a teenage runaway and ms hedh field had posted online advertisements for prostitution ms hatfield rented out a room and quality in north state line avenue were officers watched as she and the girl entered a vehicle with two men according to the affidavit their pulled over shortterm would had feel was arrested barbie half hatfield was later arrested and taken to the miller county jail where she remained until or court appearance tuesday okay now i got to know i gotta know did they arrest the john's to read the full story in texarkana is that here the did they arrest the john's too.

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