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When it really matters everybody nobody is all right? I'm ready to go I just need you to defend me an alice. Time for the state farm safe bed of the week the Seattle seahawks at Philadelphia L.. Fia You can count on but hold on Philadelphia Bonus Safe Bet. I think after hawks win this game I would not rule out the eagles making a run at this. We'll break this all down now. We all know that Seattle is Arguing with the best teams in the NFC and their two losses this year. They had that weird loss where we didn't realize how good Teddy Bridgewater and the saints are going to be in the Ravens. Put It on mm-hmm especially in that second half but the sea hawks have Russell Wilson who I would put second the MVP race. Behind Lamar Jackson others would have him I The locket Wilson Connection has been incredible. The defense is not the same now for Seattle that we're always been used over those years and I know what you're saying Ryan. What about the West East travel? Don't do it. Don't I'm GONNA do it. I think they Philadelphia this week. Now here's the thing with Philadelphia. We understand that loss against a win-win now looked at as this awful loss when it's still like look it. It is New England patriots. The offense was a mass but they were without two of their top receivers and they still had went on a deep throat. Almost tie game out. They were also without their lead running back. They lost lost one of their tackles. and Larry Johnson. I don't know that any of those guys are even going to be back or at one hundred percent if they get them back against Seattle but what you have with Philadelphia even with all the on struggles. It's a much better team. I think than the five Fi- record indicates and when they get some of these guys back and they're playing at Miami home to the giants at Washington home to Dallas and at New York to close out after the Seattle game I think Philadelphia is going to go on a run here the corners better. This team has actually been a little bit better than the way that they're talking about. So I'm still picking Seattle to get it done against Philadelphia on the road but it is not one of those. Oh right off Philadelphia Type of outcomes and who knows maybe.

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