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Most hawkish advisers could be angling for such conflict as today if the US was going to war with ran the president replied, I hope not one day after he repeated a desire for dialogue with these Lamad Republic, I smoked CBS military analyst and retired. Colonel Jeff macaws learned about the tensions there and the differing opinions about the possible threats that opposed in the region disagreement with our allies, who do not believe the threat warranty action, frankly, United States taken have claimed other photographs have not been released that we've seen signs of the Iranians putting missiles on small boats called down for the patrol boats, which might threaten shipping or even US naval vessels operating in around the Persian Gulf since craze for moose. That is the action whereby. We increased our military presence that initiative, course some background chatter between the Revolutionary Guards and other Shiite groups operating Iraq and Syria, talking about the possibly attacks on Americans, but are why disagreement with our European allies. The deputy commander of forces in the region, a Major General, from the British army says he sees Crispell change in the Intel picture German allies, the Spanish of pulled out of frigate that was part of the task force TV can pick your region. Germans Dutch and others have said that they don't see this particular problem that the United States says warrants ratcheting up tensions, the Saudi Arabians are blaming Iran for a drone strike by some, some rebels. What's the connection there? They're calling for some strikes on Iran. Are they stirring, the pot or is there? They're legit concern there, there's no doubt about that. There has been increased tension for long time between Iran and Saudi Arabia, both quoting buying to be the power in that particular region. And of course, this long going war in Yemen, Saturday, Arabia's arrayed supporting the so-called Yemeni government, the Iranians actually support the so-called Kuki rebels the rebels who also receive support RAV I said claimed responsibility for these trona tracks again, Saudi oil infrastructure. But again, it's the support provided by Ron is caused the Saudis threaten to retaliate edition. That, of course we had these. The so-called attacks against to Saudi tankers the ouija tanker at a you a tanker in the region. But yet, nobody's been able to prove the identity or who actually perpetrated. The tax a lot of people believe in back his Iranians. But no one is presented any proof and the rain so far or denying any responsibility for those attacks today. Pakistan's foreign ministry has urged the United States and around exercise restraint and resolve their issues through talks to avoid a conflict. A ministry spokesman says recent developments in the Persian Gulf region were disturbing and that Washington moved to aircraft carrier and bombers has added to the tension and the existing precarious security situation in the Middle East then south judiciary committee has been talking about impeachment as an option for President Trump.

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