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Loaded and dale orosa wins the battle dale arosa kicks in throws sleigh and a man things data strikes in the early hours leaving lauded in a seven three walks couldn't score any other things start to go bad in the seventh inning carlos torres comes on replacing chase anderson i better he faces is brendan duri 100 pitch he had in the air rightcenter backing up rocks to he's at the track wale oh god run her randy mccurry just off the deck it appalling height senator daniel discount so then get a base it and that brings chris harmon to the plate in the air this one is fair and this one is gone yeah another home run as the carlos torres was certainly struggling for carlos torres ends up coming out of the game neftali palese is on the end of lease also has a hard time keeping the ball in the ballpark peralta lines one and the feline this is travel acquits fair is fair off the paul it's another home ron it's six nothing arizona so that made it six not the in the eighth inning the diet dbacks or five more runs including a grand slam off the bat of paul goldschmidt the brewers do give one final run or one run to break the shut out in the ninth a key on rocks and home run but it was too little white too little and too late as the brewers lew lose the game on levin one of bad bad day for the bullpen we'll come back we'll wrap up the show will i get a couple of more attacks and tweets in here before we call today this is.

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