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We're kicking the ball off. I'm sprinting downfield as hard as i can. Go and i see this opening for me. I know oh that ball carrier's gonna run through it. He's gonna try in score touchdown. Stop on dr shoulder so hard through his legs. He's dropped the ball well. I make make the diving tackle but i missed time my jump just by a split second so instead of getting my head in front of the ball carrier my head collided right with his legs ultimately his knee struck the side of my my head an instant. I lose all feeling and movement movement from my neck down next year the collision of players above me. The whistle blows the pile clears but i can't get up. I'm i'm trying so hard you just push off the grab but nothing in my body is working. <unk> confused in my first thing i jumped to is like okay. It's a stinger. You're like there's like a pensioner or something. Very minor is happening but just got to give a little bit of time before i can just walk off and get experienced pain gene at this moment or was it just no pain no nothing just nothing from the neck down like i felt like i was just like ahead and the rest of my body was just turned off <hes> but yeah like just pulled the cord <hes> literally for my whole entire body in so i'm just waiting and waiting. This is already getting embarrassing. Come on everyone's waiting for me to get up now. I have all these athletic. Trainers in the paramedics are getting involved but then when the paramedics called in for a helicopter. That's when i i knew that this serious point i just close my eyes and i try to just block it out. I try not to accept announcing the only control that i had at that moment was just to close my eyes and just pray to god that you know this is just temporary that i'll skim the strength of walk off being sidelined sidelines. Let me be a normal kid eighteen year old. Don't change my life. Don't change my plan like i love my life but again different plans in mind. Were you communicating at that point with anyone. Were were you just kind of silent. I was i was dealing during most of it. Internally <unk> in the appalachians in paramedics do their thing now. They'd ask me questions like you know hey kristy. Try making a fist with your hand now. Try to make fist with my hands squeeze it. Nothing happened then they would ask chris. Can you feel as touching your leg nine and just say now as always now couldn't feel thing and so it was almost getting more and more frustrating than more they had me talk answer those questions and after you were able to communicate with your parents were they going through at this time you know obviously there was dramatic for them yeah but with what the experience is like from their perspective yeah they were in the stance. They were watching and to see me lang lang. They're completely still was uneasy for them. Me most deterrence earliest and most of the time when you see like a bad injury or something happened the field you are rolling around grabbing their knee grabbing the ankle <hes> there shoul that use the grabbing something. They're moving there. You can tell they're in pain but a fact. I was just lying there. Completely still lifeless was really scary for them. Eventually they come down the field and they're they're trying to keep it together. They're just trying to stay strong for me that want to jump to any conclusions and just again kind of let the medical personnel do their thing i before jumping to anything irrational just hoping for the bass into what was the actual diagnosis sir yes at c. three c. four fracture great for dislocation a severe spinal cord injury and i was <hes> after surgery that night the next day the surgeon told me the three percent chance to ever regain any feeling or movement back below my neck and.

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