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Great way about him and you know obviously he was excited about his game is 88 yards and a touchdown and he even said it just straight up because you know there's they've got some reasonable depth at wide receiver particularly veterans you know garcia own curley and you know trent taylor's making some noise as well so even if it's not necessarily here marquees good once had a great camera so even if it's not necessarily here to get this on tape for gallic kendrick born maybe ends up somewhere else so obviously it helps to make the forty nine erzen playing well and you know run in the routes he's supposed to be more is supposed to be and understanding the offense is going to go a long way to doing that but even if it doesn't happen here you want to have that tape of your kind of one of those fringe guys to say well maybe make the practice what here but let me go get on and jackson taylor baltimore so it's important and i use just funny guy i'm pulling for kids born again say bone that's all doabi we're gonna see a lot of guys and look game two they'll maybe do an extra series game three is when you go about a half and then you do that first you make a couple of adjustments to the half and then you take that first series and then you're out of the game that fourthgame just nobody plays nobody wants to get hurt so tonight you'll see a little bit more but like you said we're gonna see it's a big nine for cj about their to take night for born it's a big guy the other thing too that's that's really fun to watch that a lot of fans during the season to look as much ed is special teams like you said around like born i don't know who's gonna make the team but i'll tell you this when we're talking about the third and th running backs when you're talking about fifth and sixth wide receives even fourth wide receivers depending on the team third tied ends kind of like that but adept at linebacker these are all decisions that are made a lot on special teams earn so if you can shine in that way and i'm not just talking about.

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