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Call eight to run and we we just do if we don't have college football, we'll just music. Fridays. It's not thanks for the call or back with more after this and listening to Paul Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back and Bobby is up next in Florida as we continue here on Tuesday afternoon. Great to have you on Bob. Good afternoon. Sir. How are you? I am well. All right. Thank you. I. Know There's been a lot of talk on SEC football Lately, I'd like to switch its SEC basketball if possible. It's a two part question First of all, wouldn't you think the likelihood of getting a full college basketball season in in second with the return of e ponds the SEC defensive player of the year where do you think that? Puts cincy basketball personally I think it puts them. Pretty far at the top of the SEC Would not only are you know our starters but the five stars we have coming in I think we've created a lot of depth in our basketball program. Yeah Bobby I about Last year was always a transitional year for Tennessee and I don't mean that in the in the normal it was a transitional year from a team that was number one in the country to a team that could be number one in the country next year. I, agree. Totally. Amid a recruiting has been phenomenal as far as the basketball season I it's I'll try to avoid giving you the I. Don't Know Answer I don I think the odds they normal basketball season are pretty slight. I think they'll do one or two things they'll try to get the basketball season started on time and maybe take a break to give them some wiggle room or they will simply push for a second semester start and knocking out. Pretty much the first part of the season so. I've asked several commissioners question about basketball and they are not close to giving me an answer or anyone an answer for that matter. I can see that it's it's a fluid. This whole situation is in for basketball so you may maybe play the the non conference schedule. Take a break and then hit the conference. I asked John Swatter this in the ACC and he he didn't say a absolutely. But I, think they're they know there has to be a break there somewhere around Christmas. Right Paul, thank you so much for taking my call. Always I really appreciate it and hope you have a great rest of your day. Bobby thank you I appreciate it and you take care of yourself Let's continue with more calls and Earl is out in Colorado on a Nice. Afternoon. How are you? I'm doing quite fine Paul up you're doing. Well, we are. Thank you. I'm I'm my question is. Do you think. That this season it. Edwards Orrin Hatch has put ever. She will continue to be competitive in the SEC or do you think I'm they will they? Will you know go back to the latter years of insignificance my you know with the latter years of. The first of all Lsu is different today than it's been in really I think since. Probably ten years ago it's a phenomenal place I i. don't I am hard pressed to believe Lsu can replicate what they did last year because they had a very, very possibly the greatest season in college football history and they may have also suffered the worst loss. Loss of any of any school ever I mean you just you can go up and down the roster. If you want, you know the roster but you lose the best player, you lose your best coaches you lose. Defensive and offensive players across the board even though they recruited. Well, I think Lsu. We'll be hard pressed to repeat. Do I think that's cool. Is Integrate spot. Yes. They're recruiting at the highest possible level Os Ron. has completely changed the culture and I'll be shocked if Lsu, doesn't continue. To compete on a regular basis, I think I I wouldn't say there's been a complete paradigm shift because Nick Sabin is still at Alabama you have Jimbo Fisher ascending Gus Malzahn program has been extraordinarily competitive, but but. She was not going back for very long J. B. is up next Jay be you're on the air? What's a long talk? Hey, there. How are you? Well. You know. Didn't RSVP for the. Wedding. When is it? It's August ninth. You know we had to cancel in Pensacola over from the March Day and now we're we're like twenty five days away. So what before we get What's the I know I know things are more normal than they've been but how how normal can you're waiting be Well. So we've talked to the venue and the venues says you know we will we will provide math obviously, they serve the food. massive air for people that want to wear them, and if you don't you know. We we expect it to be to be fair in Huntsville. Things haven't been so bad as over the last two weeks. Well. And but yeah, no, I wanNA talk about that but also About how about Alabama golf winning last year in amazing Michael Thompson who has really been I've gotten to know Michael a little bit. I used to run into him when he lived in. Birmingham and he's just a wonderful guy and what a tournament I mean jt I mean there's nothing he can do. That is really surprising and this is a huge Gulf week because. We have the first major since the break we've missed Let's see three majors already. So the four majors I think So the PGA in has been the the first major at times but never..

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