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Oh my God. How do you pick? The how are the lions gonna win this game the Steelers so hot? Never gets old. Some of the worst audio ever. Oh my God. All right. Let's jump add quick note, Devon white. He's rumored alliance before scoring eleven to the Bengals in mcshea as it also TJ Hopkinson. What do you think about this landing spot NFC north TJ Hopkinson too the Packers at number twelve? I think it'd be unbelievable. And remember to Packers have two first round picks. They can go whatever direction they want. I'll tell you what I'd like to see the Packers do at twelve. Their offensive line is at a scary point guard play is an atrocity now Bahktiar and blogger are very good. But they're also getting up there. They're always banged up. Is that a spot you look at Joe Williams early? Maybe save some money move on. I don't know they got two picks wouldn't mind Hopkinson there. And then they come back. I think it thirty with another pick. And maybe they address the defense. But I'll tell you what I do with thirty. I brought draft another wide receiver. I gotta put as many weapons around him as possible. So you take a Paris Campbell, the keel, Harry, you Param with Saint Brown and with Adams. And the other kid whose name escapes me. I apologize. Geronimo Alison or whoever else did the two young kids scheduling Valdez Gatling, Mike. I think if you're to pack you load up in the first round on offense players, Aaron here's to new toys figure.

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