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Patrick no there is not a class on throwing the deep ball by tom. Brady with mastercard. Dang yes a shot. Okay dip now. I just teed up that stupid question i'm here. Paul also has a stupid topic. Do you wanna to hear paul stupid topic before diving into the snub stupider. Then you're stupid topic. Yes okay. I guarantee you. The rams will not win the super bowl 'til they ditch those uniforms bad uniforms last night. Yeah and they can't play in the super bowl looking like that. I like the rams. I think they're a good team but the way they look right now. They cannot advance this. It felt like they didn't finish the uniform like they started. So oh come on we gotta go. And then all of a sudden they just took the uniform and put them on like penn state. All right i can let penn state or give them a hall pass. They have a classy look to them. Rams uniform that good last night it kind of that. It looks a practice uniform. That's a little dingy. And he said let's fire up these new blue numbers and slapped on practice again. I like the rams. They had the best some of the best uniform history. Not right now. All right seton bring up. You're stupid or comment all one. It's stupid that things like this are even a topic point of who didn't shake hands but damn tom just shake the man's hand. What do you have to do that for. you know. it's going to be a thing. Is it like. Does he deliberately do that because he knew he. Threw two picks and he's like well. I'd rather talk about snubbing. Jared goff than i would about the to interceptions through. Well he had to talk about the two interceptions he threw. I don't know if he talked about this. But i i don't get it to shake his hand. It takes no effort. You do that. With aaron rodgers and drew brees. But you don't do that. With jared goff and nick foles come on. We're checking the numbers. Does he only shake hands after wins. Brady the season. We're we're checking the number. Did you see aaron rodgers after the game with philip rivers. I'm gonna guess they spent five minutes together talking like a like a real conversation to saint elmo's yet yeah shrimp with real good. Yeah sauces really hot like a punch it and then it's gone her. That's good how many kids you got now. lost to. Yeah but they spend about five minutes talking to one another. I don't know why tom doesn't do that. Just ignore this is a big deal for jared goff. It makes golf feel secondary. I think in people's eyes like oh tom. He won't acknowledged your gov. He won't acknowledge all. Nick foles after the super bowl just over. Just give them and then to say good game. That's job let's it. i mean i understand. You know hard on rabaul not shaken hands after the titans ravens game. That was heated. I get it but this..

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