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Lineup had michael thomas and errki braun with a third receiver being kindle right as a cheap options on sandell so i i i've taken out both can the right eric hebron and michael thomas and so far replace them with q in colon travs kelsea which has left me with sixty six hundred dollars and the guy is priced right at that might at that point two guys i'm looking at robert what a sixty six hundred damaris thomas a sixty five hundred and whoah that's a tough call between those two uh it it it was i think why a yes it is because you have banged up tightened secondary with uh with what woods shoji last week right and you have you know thomas now with nobody else around him you know what i mean they're receiving corps is bad it had probably bad to begin with but you know now it's even worse so you figure with osweiler he will lean on thomas as much as you possibly can so um right now i'm looking at i'm looking at thomas but i think woods is uh is also serving in the mix dine finally one more guy aj green how do you feel about him going up against detroit this week it's kinda similar to jordan howard julio jones's you know if if you've gotten this far with them you know it's not them the worst match up dairy sleigh you know i don't know if a foul them around the field so i i think aj green still is a is a safe number two wide receiver always with a chance to be a number one guy in and you have to wonder if uh if this is the last game from arben lewis there is this is the last game cincinnati the season um north east i guess been going back and forth up with with the text messages with julio jones about these guys were within striking distance of their of getting a thousand yards this season and aj missed that last year so i think he'll get there and i think i'll play well enough to do it yeah.

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