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Yes or she's i'm sure somewhere i'm gonna have to watch that episode again it now and i'm totally hardcore. Watch every single ghost. Yeah maybe one's not an actor seemed like when we're doing that this the twitter outside the dan and to the joys go. He's like because i never watch. Tv or movies. I'm terrible i'm not. not you know. Read the newspaper that it's and when they see what about you down but i was like what what are your main hitting the damn wall of it. I don't understand this joke about stran- site but it was. Because i had no idea and there was my funnier fast awesome. I love it. We're going to switch gears slightly from paranormal. We generally try not to get too overly political on horse over. But i'll tell you why because people from texas emails and call calls comments that have. I would be happy to be well. We were like we. We made it. We got hate mail. We finally made it exactly how you feel to hit some of it. Myself and spices like oh goodness who has anti vet says you know. Yeah yeah Yeah it was. It was because we said something about the new abortion bill and texas and also we also said that white privilege exists so he sends us ally hate mail calling us up a bunch of kansin farkas. Whatever i'll see you voice. Sounds like an insect for sir. We blocked him but it. I will tell you that. We're we're all feminists at this table including spencer. So you're in you're in good company here but I was curious. Because i read an article from june of twenty twenty by emily brooks on the new zealand site stuff and it was old wellington paranormal karen o'leary on being karen. But not a karen. I clicked on it. Because i was thinking. Oh it's an interview with karen leary. And she talked about the karen phenomenon. Which i really kind of started here in america but is that a big thing out like new zealand or of. They cared like that whole like they ask thing here but like i was trying to say that thing with stuff i think misconstrued like it's not enough as a movement by people in america so side just because you're a woman vice whatever and now obviously as white people have pulled it and use it as an excuse to our that Hesse woman would make them feel stent to being Susan or simulate like many of us is raising. Say he's being total up mining so well. I just wanted to say my name sites while. I was going to say that. That was the first thing i ever read with. You like in terms of any peace in or like before and saw this show. And i just wanted to say that. That article actually made me like a huge huge fan of yours because i loved how you were funny but then you also dropped the truth bomb. About how as a feminist. It's important clarify that being an assertive woman who demands respect and fair treatment is not a bad thing unless you are being an assertive racist racist asshole and you just went on to say and i have to read this because i think it's so funny quote. I love that. My name is karen because as someone who doesn't necessarily fit your typical bill of a karen or even a woman it's been quite fun to watch and i like making jokes at its expense unquote fucking..

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