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In my old age on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. That's the that's what I prefer to think of it as but viewed another way it's A person who never much left his his own circle of joy in the stadium site himself and flattered himself rate down to death. That's less of a good advertisement for oneself or this might be just you know. Some of deep learning disability taking notes notes from any scrutiny of New New York City. It's the forty fifth annual Bobby Award with your host. The judge jury and Sir Robert Bought we. Have you ever done anything yourself where you quietly think. It should win bobby lobby no are does that. Violate the very rules of the Bobby's well. It also goes to something that I just feel like I. I've been really lucky to a degree that I can't really can't quite understand. I've had a chance to go into one place after another some of them quite straight places. ABC News and Frontline places like that and I pushed it so that I could do what I like to do. which is to explore sometimes from a not particularly sophisticated place? What I'm looking at and it's fact it's sort of always been a sense sense that I've had that I must have been A little bit slower than everybody else and I felt that way and I thought well maybe what I could do is I could take that slowness and turn it into an advantage because for many subjects depending on who you are it could be ice. Hockey could be economics or it could be irregular verbs in French or whatever most people know nothing at all so if you WanNa talk about irregular verbs you might have to say. Here's what a verb is. And why why would you use the word irregular. What is irregular verb an ordinary question? And I've always done that but it's never seemed to me to be champagne of work. It just seems to me to be the my my daily business that being said Robert What we've decided to do as a staff is that we're going to honor you my friend with some bobby's piece. Of course it is not within our. We can't do the book and the committee were not to go home. We're going to do hyphenate. BOBBY'S WE'RE GONNA do a Johnny Bobby's Joe. Bob's all sorts of staff. Bobby's these are these are bobby's where the where these are awards. Bobby's given to you throughout your career moments throughout your your tenure with radio. I don't know if this entirely I think this is i. I think it's going to it's going to be. I mean look. We spent seventeen years together. Yes we have had say at least a decade of it separated by this Alexa glass. Yes and there. We've we've created a lot of radio moments and so we're going to honor some of them with bodies who The inaugural Bobby Jedi Bobby Steph. Bobby's awards show with your host and presenter Jed.

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