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On Colorado's Morning news. Time for sports Now with Ikea, and it looks like Washington, the Redskins are gonna have to change their name. That's the end of an era so to speak in our nation's capital, a press release coming from the Washington NFL team that they will no longer be called the Redskins. This is a process that began officially July 3rd when they announced a thorough review of the team's name. And then today in a press release, owner Dan Snyder and head coach Ron Rivera are said to be working closely to develop a new name and design. But as of now we don't know what that new nickname or mascot might be. Thea's being therefore day training camp to Pepsi Center NHL released the schedule for the return to play games that begin August 1st. Colorado's first game will be August 2nd against the Blues. Nuggets held three straight days of practice will be off today. They're just in the life inside the MBA bubble on head coach Michael Malone's of the team expects all Star Center Nicole You wish to join the team. Soon. A Nuggets fan actually tweeted a pic of the Joker at O'Hare Airport yesterday. So it appears he's in America, which is better than being stuck in Serbia. Here's Malone on his team's goals in Orlando. No. Well, I think our first mission is to get to get everybody here. That's priority. Number one is to get our whole group down here so we can be a complete team. And start building from there. Once that happens, obviously, now we talked about going into the season back on Media Day in September. Now we have a go living winning it MBA championship That has not changed and the Nuggets are the only team from Colorado stuck inside the Disney bubble in Orlando. The rapids are there as well for the MLS, his back attorney and they played their first Match of that tournament and for the 13th time since 2014 they lost a rivalry out Salt Lake this time, two nil. Their next game is scheduled for Friday against boarding Casey. Calm or a cow. We needed three extra holes. The holdup Justin Thomas worked a charity open in Dublin, Ohio. That same course, will be the host from Memorial this week, and Tiger Woods is making his return to competitive golf for the first time since February that sports of Granite crystal on Daily News radio home of Bronco spot Thank you. K 17 right now. On Colorado's morning news covered 19 cases around this state, starting to trend upwards a little bit in hospitalizations as well, but they're staying within control that, according to state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Herlihy, so individuals that are in their thirties or forties. These are still being hospitalized, certainly, but not being hospitalized at the same rate as individuals in older age groups. So we are seeing more hospitalizations and concerns with the younger demographic. Certainly, he and other members of the culture Department of Public Health and Environment say it shows younger people can still active spreaders of the virus, which makes face mask wearing even more important big crowds in recent days, resulting in the shutdown of Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir at Bear Creek Lake Park..

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