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Fire It is protection a left equipment wing rag. deliver and stock restroom supplies Was blasted and make on sure social facilities media are clean for and running ready an illustration because that when shows all those Kristen things work cinema, together, the democrat you're in using business. a rocket launcher to shoot down a plane named after her US Senate opponent Republican congresswoman Martha mcsally, so that, you know, comes as editorial cartoon now that we would chose her with some kind of either RPG, I think it's an RPG thought bazooka or could be. And it's just it's amazing to me that you've got the again mccully has accused cinema, treason harsh words, but that's because cinema has said she has no problem for people going to fight for the Taliban. Okay. So that's the the the the title of the cartoon is reason not treason, and it shows her shooting down Martha mcsally aircraft while waving the American flag. This is what passes for informed consent, and and opinion and comedy on the left. This is the same woman that called her own constituents crazy. Mantra crazies. I don't know if you saw the Arizona rallied the other night where the president was there. In mesa. Arizona. They were holding up. There's placards and signs saying crazy crazy Arizona voters. And now in the latest insult Christian cinema again liberal Democrat currently running for the Senate. Came under fire for comments. She made in two thousand six hundred interview with Scottsdale, nightlife magazine, cinema, reportedly called stay at home moms leeches, here's the quote, these women who are act like staying at home leaching off their husbands or boyfriends and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life. That's bull Dookie. I mean, what the blank are we really talking about here. So again, if you're a stay at home, mom stayed home to raise the children and help and do whatever the case may be which is hard work, by the way that you wanna try one day stay at home and do what moms do at home from cooking from laundry from picking up the kids are helping to raise the children. I think it's tougher work than those of us to go to work do half the time. But you're a Leach, according to this democrat and finally one other story here. Georgia. Governor gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. She is wants to be the next governor of Georgia. She admitted last night she had burned the state flag at a protest when she was a college student again, these are the kinds of radicals and progressive idiots that there are now running on the democrat party people who ate our country in this case, not a big fan of the state of Georgia was Stacey Abrams. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there with a d next to their name Democrats who don't understand don't realize what the democrat party has become neighbourly that because you are a democrat that you're like you're gonna traditionally do like, your parents did.

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