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Radio eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety red eye so yeah we got a being got a busy show ahead it's going to be a good one but that was still of that was the funniest part of our appreciable meeting when i just when you were walking i said well i'm reading this one headline pelosi things you to winning is a to avoid the present since distractions and of the next headline pelosi says gop has worsened darth vader najat right could stop you you really you've just you really cannon and this goes back to as we get closer now to the anniversary of the election 2016 his when we go shout angry at the at the sky gathers what's the things scream at the the scream at the sky on the on the on it on in revenge new in new york but it it was part of the discussion that we had was in village priest appreciable meeting or just you know biogas technically it is yeah his was pre show when it we were meeting alarm both here but hoover were bowled here but it it we we got into a discussion in this and and where's asking the question were right back with the democrats were we were a year ago yeah where they said they have to change their ways so we're year goes by they don't change their ways and now on the anniversary of the election that they lost they're now starting to state again we're going we have to change our ways as are not going to change their ways that you see polling coming out looking at the the the senate and the number of of democrat volmer abilities for the the the senate next year that that came out of like a new poll was odd showing that only three of the ten democrats up for reelection are over the fifty percent mark and those are moderate mm those are moderate senators uh you know at the you know and so you look at an and people believed that while because of trump uh this whole thing is over and we said well you may be bind the propaganda from the media but we don't believe that that's necessarily so right and so we'll get to some of the specifics on that and.

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