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Eleven Tampa Bay with seven probably Tampa Bay's best scoring opportunity occurred, midway through the first period. Matthew Joseph a one touch direct shot so to speak on nets and took a Rask made a really good pad save, but any squalor getting the opportunity to start in net. Tonight's or this afternoon. I should say fought them on both goals was to on one for Boston at fourteen thirty eight Charlie McEvoy was able to get the deflection in his eighth of the year to make it one nothing. Then danton Heinen with his eleven th after Denic Martell had a couple of opportunities along the left side of the the boards there to get the puck out. He didn't. And the Bruins made him. Mm pay and the lightning pay and just a really good shot from the right side beating quality to make it to nothing at nineteen forty. And that's where we stand today. The shots on goal presented by gigabyte through the official shot of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Well, let's talk to assistant coach Todd Richards. He is standing by right now with they Michigan and Kaley Chellios on landing radio. Well, Richie one. Bit of good news. Certainly danger are able to get it a game before the playoffs began how beneficial is it to a player to to get into game. Even though it's a game with not really high intensity to it. But still get into game before the playoffs. I think it's very important that you get in. And you get your your reps your timing things. You can't simulate and practice in our practices. This stage of the season aren't gonna have nearly the intensity at the beginning of the season top to simulate that so to get them here timing conditioning, all of those things because the game moves fast, and it's going to move even faster next week.

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