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Morning is brought to you by modernise stick it's mojo in the morning's back in the day with your was part all these events happened in the same year was the year that duke university lacrosse team made headlines three of its members were accused of rape the case later was dismissed and the accusations were discovered to be falls like should go to jail for something that never happened this don ally threatening made headlines remember the picture came out of her with her son in her laugh without a car seat driving just on that so we'll see you mentioned otographer in and store now want to get out of the situation is kern side get my baby out of the car now go home and big song you think this is what give it away from me loveless and by the way he is going to be doing super bowl the awesome all the hits the what year was that while such over the prize if you know it mariah anwar fifty thousand and wise congratulations pay tonight your could be hanging was spike in meghan we're gonna give you vip at the toledo zoo and you'll get to go to luminous nights you're also going to have a stay at the brand new renaissance hotel in downtown toledo recon from mariah from monroe michigan okay perfect so you're already halfway to toledo so uh michigan's experience a little rain this morning which is going to go away in about two hours but toledo is sunny and beautiful when more party starts tonight it's gonna be seventy degrees not a cloud in the sky i her congratulations to you have a great time okay okay out call us eight four four five eight four four six six five six.

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