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This is science Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Karen Hopkin. All everyone knows what it's like to which and the sensation can drive you mad or if you're Yengo son of the Chinese Academy of sciences. It can drive you to explore how the brain tells you it's time to scratch. Our study is aiming to understand the burn mechanism data promote that you just quieting cycle. Itching can be caused by a number of irritants from allergic reactions and abrasive textures to bug bites skin conditions infections or drugs, the usual solution is to simply scratch, but this cycle of scratching if it continues unabated connection damaged tissue like if you scratch yourself, raw and sun notes that effect to treat them for chronic h is still lacking this is largely due to our limited knowledge about the enormity of age over the past ten years. Scientists learned a lot about how the ignore is carried from the skin to the spa. Final chord in contrast when the were little about how the information is processing the brand and how the bring can dynamically modulate the processing of each son in his colleagues focus their attention on the Perry. Akwa ductile gray a brain region known to be involved in handling the closely related sensation of pain. They started by exposing mice to histamine or the anti malarial drug chloroquine both of which trigger scratching, and they found that this issue inducing treatment activates a particular set of neurons within the Perry AC with Dr gray neurons, the produce neuro chemical called Tak one when the researchers eliminated this set of neurons scratching was significantly diminished. And when they activated the neurons, even in the absence of a chemical irritant, the scratching resumed son, thus thinks of these tech one expressing neurons as the ignorance and the brain getting these neurons firing makes animals itchy and gets them to scratch his findings appear in the journal nor on physician yards in the burn can be a potential central therapy. Target for breaking the wishes issue squatting cycle associated with chronic age, which could be a big relief for many irritated people. For scientific Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Karen Hopkins.

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