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Says neither the governor nor the government should have to tell us to do the right thing. State House Democratic leader Emily Virgin says it's unacceptable that the governor has not enacted a statewide mask mandate. Governor Sit says he's asking Oklahoma to do The right thing and protect each other. Well, Governor, we're asking you to do the right thing. Protect Oklahomans by enacting a statewide mask order. Virgin calls the lack of a statewide basket mandate. Ah, failure in leadership. It's a big day today at the state Capitol, statehouse members will take their oaths of office for the 58th Oklahoma Legislature. The ceremony starts at 10 A.m.. Eight senators will be sworn in on Monday. The Trump campaign is not finished filing lawsuits alleging voter fraud. Here's Jessica Rosenthal on Tuesday. The Trump campaign said they plan to file suit in Michigan requesting the results not be certified until they could verify Ballots were cast legally, Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley told the Fox News Rundown podcast. It's pretty obvious that there's some significant issues facing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Michigan, Nevada, Arizona and other places. Many elections. Officials are firing back at the campaign, though, that the issues they're encountering are small. I've got absolute proof. From the computers on each machine that there's on ly 180 votes that could possibly be disputed. Maricopa County Deputy Attorney Tom Liddy says claims of systemic problems are inaccurate. Two years after a man was shot to death in Choctaw, the O F B. I says four suspects are now behind bars. 35 year old Eric Tramell was shot to death on a roadway..

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