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Who could save your franchise at the top of the draft as well as the ones that could boost a recently eliminated playoff team over the top. Follow and listen to with the first pick anywhere you find your podcast. All right, I think what we're going to do next, we're going to go to our video questions because we have I want to spark more of this inspiration right now because I got to have more of these. All right, let's go. So we'll start here. Hey, y'all, this is Doug and Winston Salem, North Carolina, with there being no clear contender to win those championship this year, which team do you think is most likely to win it that's never one of the four, in which team do you think is most likely to make it to the final four that's never made it before? This is a good question. This is why I got to do the solo with no GP though. Because he'd be like, I don't have the list. I don't have it in front of me. Purdue is my answer that's never won it before. Purdue's 32 helms championship doesn't count. We're going 39 when they started the tournament to know. So Purdue would be my answer. Most likely team to never make the final four. That's Bama. I can just tell you that off the top of my dome here because on the Sunday episode, I told you I would put Bama number two in my hierarchy for national championship right now. If that's the case, I've got Purdue one. I gotta have Bama too. So that's actually that was a little bit of a freebie there. Bama would be my overwhelmingly most likely candidate. And that spot, but it's certainly going to be interesting to see how the tournament unfolds nada. I do think there is a healthy chance, not just of a first time champion, never won an NCA term before. We got a healthy chance of that. I think there's just as healthy of a chance that we have at least one team get down to Houston that's never made it to a national semifinal over the past 80 plus the year. So I'm excited. And I think having those new kinds of storylines always makes for fun. And it gives such gives these fan bases such excitement to have those kind of runs. Because there have been reliable someone over the years, obviously. But if you can get a fan base down there that just they get there and they're like, are we going to experience this ever again? Because you never had before, I think that really adds to the flavor of final four. It's one of the big reasons why I love college hoops. I'm just imagining Purdue fans getting down to Houston now. And I don't know why the thought of that just tickles me. I don't. But it does right now. I don't know. Just the shock and awe and then Zach Edie in a final four, all that. It tickles me. It makes me, it makes me excited for the tournament that is gonna be here in 5 weeks. And mine in your life ceases to exist as we know it basically. Let's get to Brett. Brett, Brett, now he's got a little interesting situation. His wife and him are huge listeners. He says, we often save episodes for long trips to listen together. She's a college basketball fanatic, a turp who helped me a gator discover my own love for the game. So having only been a fan for ten years, it seemed to me that in the last 5 years or so, we have started to see more parity in terms of teams at the very top and say the top 40. I feel like historically, from what I've heard on the show, in the past, there have been very dominant teams for long periods of time, whereas more now teams are able to break into the top 40. Do you feel like that's accurate? And if so, what is influence this? And then he ends it really, really well. The world is a vampire. I don't have that drop on my board, and I think I got it. Although how many times am I going to give you a little bit of Billy Corgan? But I got to get that on there. So thank you. Thank you for the Brett. Thank you for the reminder there. Good question. And always encourage marital listening at the same time. That's wonderful. That is really, really cool. So I'm happy to hear that. I think we might have another joint email from a couple coming in the bag. And if we don't, I think it's waiting in the wings and the inbox. Parody, how about this? Okay, so parody has, it's always existed. I think in college hoops, but our perception of what that word means and how it impacts the sport. I think that has changed because I think of all the major American team sports out there. College basketball is certainly the most susceptible to things just weren't what they used to be, man. They're just not like they were, but players are more skilled than ever. They're quicker. They're bigger. They're stronger. They're faster. But the product is viewed as inferior as to how it used to be and part of that being because college hoops is just younger. We used to just always have these teams with seniors on them. It's also played differently. I mean, it's cultural impact because of that and it's cultural impact isn't as big now as it was in 1996 or 1985. I'm not convinced the actual play is irrefutably worse than it was 35 years ago. Real quick nada agree or disagree on that. Because I think a lot of not a lot, but some people think you pick up a college hoops game in 1985 and just the game and the way it was played for 40 minutes was just better than in 2023. Can't decide. I don't think it was better. I think it's better now. I think you're getting a lot better mid major games. Maybe at the major level, it was better 30 years ago because you only could go to so many places to get that TV exposure. But for now, you've got your midriff. I mean, amani Bates is playing at eastern Michigan. We've got jelly walker doing what he's doing. You have Florida Atlantic doing what they're doing. Charleston. Up and down the league, you have so many more of these schools that can compete now because the talent level is so great and that you can play so many different places that I think it's better now in terms of schools one, two probably what, one 20, whereas in the 80s, maybe you got,

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