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Drills this week. He's dealing with a groin injury Jacobs is the number one running back in the draft. And it projected first round pick and Baylor wide receiver. Jalen Hurd will not participate in drills due to a minor knee scope, so that is the latest and greatest as we go into combine we take a look about her out of Baylor right there. So we'll come back. Now, we have Jim Nagy along with Ryan and hawk and here is is finish up. The highlight. Jim your NFL scowl for eighteen years, you one titled home groom with Bela check with Pete Carroll talk to me, some about their mind processes as we'd go through the draft. How were they similar? How were they different? I think that thing that connected all those guys they're invested in the process, right? There's some coaches that just kind of want to. Sit back and let the personnel guys do their thing. Let the scouts do their thing. But those guys were all invested. So take you back to the first year. Pete was in Seattle two thousand ten I wasn't even with the Seahawks at the time and the senior bowl used to have a really spread out practice form where there was time in between to go back to the hotel. And there was a Xhosa station set up with all the tape. And I go down there to watch tape between practice and who's their peak carols down there watching tape between practices, which told me something. And then when I in my time in New England, Bill Meljak always sat aside a day during the year to watch college tape, which not a lot of not a lot of pro coaches. Do they'll get through the season and get through the coaching, and then kinda jump into the college draft and Bill just kept it all the way through the season one day one day a week, and it just shows their investment that's the same. Yeah. No doubt to NFL. Does these guys over on the N word? Without the combine invite. I honestly, I couldn't believe when they told me earlier today, tell me some of your stories about going through this whole friend, the the cool thing for me was because I wasn't a combine invite. I wasn't invited to any games. Like the senior bowl there on a lot of ages who were willing to pay for me to train. So what I did was I got the key to LSU's indoor facility, and I will go there at night after classes because I knew I wasn't getting drafted. I was getting late. So I needed my degree. So I stayed in school. I would go after school. I would train myself. I would do to twenty five as many times as I can racket do it again. I would go run to forty. I even had a girlfriend at the time who will come time me. And if I had heard time that my pro day, I would ran forward to I think she was trying to make me feel good. But I- trade myself. I went to pro day. I did. Well, and you know, the rest is history. Yeah. I mean same thing grind it from the bottom. I was a guy with the pro day. And this is why advocate for calamari. He shouldn't even take a measurement of. On my pro day. I took clay from the craft store molded to my hills to add an extra two inches and put weights in my pocket. So I can get over one eight and be listed at five eight..

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