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The views and opinions you hear on talkradio six eighty wcbs wcbmcom are not necessarily those of the owners banishment employers advertisers off wcbs but they should be five thirty six twenty four before the hour of six o'clock was shot in maryland wakeup call horrific another tragedy and florida in about a month according to a report several published reports yesterday a bridge connecting florida international university in the miami area a pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a highway yesterday crushing multiple vehicles in killing six people injuring others is just a horrific crash of this this bridge with the witnesses said it sounded like a bomb was going off when it fell here is the governor of florida rick scott announcing there will be an investigation they'll be clearly be an investigation to find out exactly what happened and why this happened and we will hold anybody cannibal if anything if anybody's done anything wrong the ntsb richard somewhat also said they will be launching a federal inquiry ntsb is launching a full investigative go team to begin our investigation of this pedestrian bridge collapse the campus of florida international university miami new times is now reporting that the lead contractor manila construction management sued less than two weeks ago over the collapse of a makeshift bridge built at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport and there was a lawsuit already filed their and another contractor fig bridge engineers hadn't even worse accident on a bigger project six years ago in virginia in the norfolk area or another bridge collapsed forty feet on the railroad tracks below and it was a miracle nobody was killed in that one unfortunately this nine hundred fifty tunbridge collapse yesterday is actually built in one piece and that it was transported and it was just put in on saturday and yesterday it collapses and these unfortunately frank the timing the cars were stopped at a red light directly underneath the bridge when it collapsed very unfortunate and obviously there's got to be some structural problems or whatever in the fabrication of this bridge to begin with for to just you know collapse i mean they weren't even finished working on it yet but it nonetheless collapsed in the first thing you think of there had to be some structural weakness or structural problem somewhere along the course of the bridge itself that's very very sad for those people and.

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