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I'm happy to talk about this again. I'm happy to cause. Clearly i've talked about. We talked about the candy guy already to and someone. Our friends even was like you've taught cry. You've talked about this guy already do. Yeah well. I did it. Which says a lot so the arenas cannon. She's the medlar queen if you saw the medlar thousand times like we did which by the way the medlar is on net flicks amazon one of them. The meddler is streaming recently started streaming. So if you haven't seen the medlar it's lawrence ghaffari is greatest movie. Well she's got a lot of great she direct. We were big fans of the medlar and then she went onto frigging direct hustlers that we call a one two punch. We'll have to say standing. Always pay off like usually. Don't get the bang for your buck in terms of lying. You're like This person underdog or lesser known. I choose to stand. They are might there my guy you know whatever but we were like laurien rules. The meddlers one of the best movies of the year and then very soon after she did the hustler. I mean ostler's the hustle. That's like really satisfied. Gotta say thank totally. Yeah and also. If you're a true conspiracy theorist you know that these two have been together for a long time and you might suspect that lorena had a little hand in creating eighth grade. 'cause you're like. How did marie this incredible movie about an eighth grade girl. Wow when for a grown man to do my wonder who could have. Maybe helped him. I wonder he could've creative pencils screenwriter and director. I don't. I don't know i'm not saying that. Strew experienced eighth grade as a young girl. And who's just like one of the most talented people out there working. I don't know. I don't know i don't know. And also adam brody if you watch the mettler you'll realize that the medlar which is probably maybe perhaps pseudo autobiographical versus playing lorene safari type. Who is getting over. The breakup between herself and a famous actor played by i think. Isn't it like jason ritter. Yep playing an adam brody type anyway. All these things will be clear to you if you watch them which is now streaming on netflixif. This is not an ad for the medlar or netflix. It's just a reminder that we've talked about this before but it's nice because now it's like you really think both lauren and bo are really. They really do have a lot in common in terms of like their creative output. I mean he's out here doing like release sincere earnest autobiographical work. She also put out a whole movie that is essentially assira in earnest autobiographical work clearly. These to have a lot in common. I watched part of his special a half to say. It's not for me. I really want to be honest. I he liked it not for me not a lot lot of songs you can tell this guy gotta start on youtube and i know he's a beings early youtube or to a lot of people go way back with him which i think is so fascinating because he really like broke through. It's hard to do in a really way. we're in a way that is now fully respected critically. 'cause eighth grade was such a such a great movie and this special is really interesting. You know that's the thing about his role in promising and woman that i think is right. Oh and very smart. Pdf piece of casting. Because he's definitely that type who seems too good to be true where you're constantly waiting for the other up and i think he must be very aware of that. That's what makes character work play. Also think maybe that's his he's got that like almost unintentional almost like genetic good guy vibe even though a little john mullany if you ask me like where it's like their stuff lurking but if you were just to see him from the from the front you might not assume like. He's very good red herring in terms of like that type of thing. It's funny that you know who's also in promising young women. Adam road adam. Brody is one of the skis guys from the beginning. Who you kind of know immediately is gonna turn because if you recall in the in the opening scene of promising young woman. There's these like shitty guys and he's kind of like i'm the good one i'm gonna take her home in life. He's like absolutely not i know. Because that's adam brody and he's definitely gonna turn league thing and he does and that's interesting. That's an interesting connection that's spoiler that's like the theses of promising a woman. There are all the bad one thing. They're all that one. And i think is special is like light it's like music and its lighthearted but it's also very very very dark and that's i kind of think what he's not like his own mental health. It's about like the sadness of solitude at the. I mean i've only watched you watched half of it. I've watched like twenty minutes of it. I was like i read a. I read a review of it and i was interested in kind of like what people were loving about it and it was like oh i totally understand what struck people. It's like songs that are at at the from the front. A ken nice cheery funny songs but actually about like really dark. Thanks i feel like i would have watched. The whole thing had to come out like right in the deep end of the pandemic moving on a little bit right and so it's sort of like getting break. Things are looking good me and my friends and my family are vaccinated like to return to this. I get it. A lot of people are interested in work that reflects upon the last year and a lot. Some people might say you know. I'm trying to move on. And maybe i need a little time before i engage with work that we're clear i could. I could see myself engaging with this in a few months sure totally. I feel the same way about everything about film theatre right like. I'm not interested in seeing theater. No matter how good it is about the last year yet. Because i simply don't think i have enough space for meant to even Consumed that critically and in any sort of way. That's unbiased or or able to receive and so that's just your own perspective highlands theme bobby longtime longtime. I'm calling you know that. Luke hemmings of five seconds of summer just got engaged to sierra deaton who is famous from the musical group alex and sierra from the x factor but like when they were on the show they were dating and i think they got married and i had no i mean i knew that they broke up and i had no idea that luke hemmings and sierra dating. I'm looking for a time line of that relationship crunch crunch. Good form bella. Thorne scar joe. Yummy top you know that the l. I i'm going to answer this question. Because i knew this going into it but because i looked up after the call because i was like maybe there is something interesting about the lead of five sauce. Luke hemmings do you know what look stands for in this particular instance lucas. No well you shook me when. I clicked on his wikipedia. No i know. That's my thought to get to more guesses. Because i know it's going to be one of them. Is it like something. I could guess like a luke is in there. Oh it's in there. But i've never heard this as a nickname. Look what else would luke. What are their name. What's the name that begins with. Lsu.

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