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But but I think the when you're talking about the grind. I mean, the real grind with all the training like the physical training like I was going climbing all the time. I was doing extra ups, you know, fingertip pull ups and things core exercises, stretching all the basic body maintenance. But I think that with climbing is maybe a little bit more fun than than you know, other sports is because you're not like in a gym working hard. You're actually out in the mountains. Playing doing the thing that you love to do. But certainly I was very fatigued for very long time. And so, you know during the climb your fatigue. No, no, I'm saying like the six months, the six months, I mean because I was kind of preparing for two years at a time. But for the six months directly ahead of the actual free solo. I was going pretty hard. I was training maybe thirty five or forty hours a week, which is kind of a lot. I mean, there's a lot of hours of physical effort. Yeah. And you know, I was just hired a lot. How about the personal focus of the story as well showing you and your girlfriend you guys still together. Yeah. We're still together. Yeah. The relationship is great. You know, obviously making a film butter relationship as a little strain and the release of the film is, you know, been been experienced both of us, but another relationship with great, and we're living together in Vegas and things. Really good. We continue here with Alex hanalei on Sinophile. The Adnan Virk movie podcast. Alex, your personal relationship is examined in the film, and I loved how honest it was in the fact that you're very clear about the fact that nothing's gonna get in your way, it has that been a detriment to relationships, absolutely. It has because you can't have anything holding you back and there's been other mountain climbers. Who have said that you said, listen, a relationship will hold you back. You should probably be single and you do this. Because to put a fine point on it. You've seen people die how many people throughout the career melt climbing seeing it'd be good friends theirs. But you've seen die twenty thirty people on and how much does that affect you and your personal life? I mean, you had a tough question. I mean seen seen accidents in meet around climate accidents. I mean, it's definitely hard. But I mean, I actually kind of reject the idea that you have to distance yourself from from relationships in order to perform well. And I think that's that's one of the core elements of the film is is Sanni sort of my my girlfriend's Johnny pushing back on that whole idea in like, well, why why not have both why not have a good healthy relationship and still perform at a high level. And and I think that that's something that you sort of see through the course of the film is that the ultimate they I am able to do that. And and I think honestly is better for my life in general. I'm with you because I often hear people aspiring whether it's sportscasters are musicians or actors saying, well, I've gotta just focused on the music of the can't be held back. But I'm with you. I think a relationship helps to inspire one. I think it gives you more. Yeah. Fulfillment. Right. Yeah. I kind of agree. And I mean, just on a practical side and a lot of ways having a healthy stable relationship and makes the rest of your life so much more. I mean, yes, stabil-, I guess, you know, I find that. I eat better. And I sleep. Better in my training is more consistent. You know, basically, my life is healthier. And so I think that having having a good health relationship like helps in a lot of ways with performance a free solo in theaters nationwide..

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