Kamala Harris, California, Mike Pence discussed on Morning Edition


For NPR News on Patrick Madden in New Orleans. On Wall Street, The Dow Jones industrial average is up 90 points at 28,395. The NASDAQ gives up 48 at 11,000 for 12. This is NPR. It's 804 I'm Cherry Glaser With KCIA W NEWS. Kamala Harris has become the first Californian to appear on a presidential or vice presidential debate stage since 1984 when Ronald Reagan stood for re election. When the discussion turned to criminal justice reform during the debate last night, Vice President Mike Pence attacked Harris is record in law enforcement. Pence said the California senators. Calls for racial justice and policing are an attempt to win over voters on the left and at odds with her record as a prosecutor when you were DEA in San Francisco when you left office African Americans were 19 times. Mohr, likely to be prosecuted for minor drug offenses than whites and Hispanics. When you were attorney general of California, has increased the purport the disproportionate incarceration of blacks in California. Harris has been criticized by some fellow Democrats and others for not prosecuting police officers involved in questionable shootings when she was attorney general and for pursuing harsh sentences for relatively minor crimes. Last night she defined in her progressive credentials, saying the work she did as California's A G should serve as a model for the country. I was the first Statewide officer to institute a requirement that my agents would wear body cameras and keep them on full time. We were the first to initiate a requirement that there would be a training for law enforcement on implicit bias, because, yes, Joe Biden and I Recognize that implicit bias does exist, Mr Vice President, contrary to what you may believe. Pence also chided Harris for joining other Senate Democrats to block a Republican police reform bill this year that would have made lynching a federal crime. Democrats said the bill was watered down. L. A County just reported its highest count of Daily Cove in 19 infections since mid August. The 1645 new positive cases and 30 additional deaths reported yesterday came on the same day that indoor shopping malls were allowed to reopen at a limited capacity. Food courts for being closed in malls are on ly operate allowed to operate a 25% of capacity case here. W's Angel Chorus has this report from the West Vill Culver City Mall. After seven months of sitting dark, the Westfield was surprisingly busy. For 25% capacity window. Shoppers browsed while outside a chic shoe store. Sneaker heads formed a long line. And not a moment too soon. This whole this whole 2028 covert thing has just been horrible when it's been A strain mentally for both of us, and it's definitely going to be now that we're open. WeII. Thank God and we're definitely appreciative, but it's definitely an uphill battle from here. That's Riccardo Velasquez, co owner of pro Image sports. It's a moment Pops sporting goods store. That tracked up a lot of debt, six figures worth while trying to stay afloat during the pandemic. We're glad that we're open. Now that the Lakers are gonna win the finals for sure. So we're excited about that the Dodgers on on the right track. As well. And so if both the Lakers and Dodgers when their respective championships and.

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