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Room five began in 1994. While most of the members were still in high school. The band's original name was Harris Flowers. After moving to New York Maroon five, singer Adam Levine got a job working at the fast food chain Johnny Rockets. He quit after only two weeks and also dropped out of college to continue pursuing music. Adam Levine is also ambi Dextrous, he writes with his left hand. But for first his right hand for most other tasks, such as playing the guitar, Not to mention Maroon five was been from China after keyboardist Jesse Carmichael wish the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Ah Happy Birthday on Twitter. I'm journalist Ben Reiter. And on my podcast the edge. I've been investigating one of the biggest sports scandals ever. The Houston Astros signs stealing scheme Now in a special two part series finale. I'm getting to the bottom of it. Exclusively talking to the man who knows the Astros secrets Jeff flew. No, this will be the first time I've had an opportunity to tell my story. I'm revealing the corruption ran deeper than anybody realizes. I don't think that if you really wanted to dig, you'd be happy with what you found. You'll learn why the Astros scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. When there's this much money at stake, Kid stop people from compromising their ethics to try and gain an edge. Actually making no thing is not faith there throws you. Listen to the edge. Houston Astros available now for free on radio dot com apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Our place. Witness this morning is Butch. Well, when a fight broke out, I got stabbed in the back and I pulled my knife and hit him. It was the first person ever killed.

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