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Conversations from Bloomberg television. Here's Yvonne, man. So does Frederic Neumann HSBC co head of Asian economics tells what's at stake for Taiwan economy there. I mean, we've seen kind of at least maybe twenty years of growth, pretty subpar. There's a lot of concerns that there's an overreliance on tech over reliance on China, as well, what what are the prospects to you what one thing this has been as John sucking sound from China. Right. Some jobs and investment has moved to the mainland, and I even young people move to the mainland drawn to the job opportunities there, and that has sapped even domestic demand and Taiwan curb the the growth rate having said that Taiwan still has very competitive companies, very competitive sectors semiconductor manufacturing, for example, some of the best companies in the world residing. In taiwan. So there's a lot that Taiwan's still has to bring to the table, and it is large attack economy. But but it is something that is still a cutting edge. If he will it still the cutting edge of of tech, trade wise, it's balked me. Worse than his eye. Joe Biden does what it does. Well, yeah. It's it's a sentiment issue. Right. So the policy uncertainty, a restraining investment across the region, and you haven't seen that bigger deceleration trade yet, but he's certainly have seen deceleration investment. You're more interviews like this one on Bloomberg television, streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings. Global.

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