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Jim Bohannon on NewsRadio ten twenty Katie k. Down here sitting in for Jim Bohannon. Let's shift gears a little bit here by now you probably have heard about the controversy around a playful song. It's banter, I have to admit last year when this came up I predicted what would happen last year where the first complaints, and they were kind of outliers. I'm talking about baby it's called outside. I think classic holiday song. It's banner of romance sex, even as a drink mentioned. And then this year the next step happened with the PC people. They complained to a radio station in Cleveland who stopped playing it. I don't think they had a million complaints. So you've heard, you know, the baby it's cold outside. But did you know that there's a PC version out there, and it's not a parody? I think these people put it out in order to say this is how the song of this romance. And the guy saying, but baby it's called outside. You know, how is this such a big deal? Well stations are dropping it. I predict by next year, a lot more of them will drop it and had there'd be people coming after you. If you say what's wrong with this song? It's written in the forties. Come on. It's nothing harmful about it. Here is the PC version now notice how the guy acquiesced to the woman saying, I gotta get home. And all yeah. I wouldn't want to keep you here. And I'll text you later, and all this type of stuff are men today really supposed to follow this version a baby it's cold outside. I have been.

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