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Mark Wheeler show continues here on this Wednesday evening. But let's not forget Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon as well. It's time for the rewind first. David Shaw, head coach at Stanford with a fun chat with the guys this afternoon on T K B. Well, let's get to what you've been dealing with. And I just Take us through it a little bit. What you've kind of been dealing with is a is a head coach from is a season on, isn't it? It doesn't look like it is. Well, maybe it is in January. Oh, call. We're back on, possibly and now. Have you have you dealt with all the uncertainty? Well for most head coaches of any sport, and we are We are structured were ordered. We like our schedules. We like our calendars. And they've all gotten blown up repeatedly since March. So, um, we've had to have a lot of patients had to be very, very flexible. Our student athletes, in particular have have had an emotional rollercoaster ride to not sure where we're going showing up in June, working really hard for about a month and a half to get ready and postpone the season and oh, by the way, it's back on So we've had to deal with a lot of that. And and I but our guys, you know, we older people sometimes forget how resilient College age kids are and they've been able to bounce back and snap back in, and they're so excited to play there. So fired up to play. They're working really hard. Into all the social distancing and masking and what we can do this today? No, we can't do this. Now We can do this and borrow mine for them if they want to play so bad. They've adopted the phrase whatever it takes. So whatever county restrictions we have whatever school restrictions we have campus restrictions. Coaches tell us what we can do and what we can do. We just want to play so That's a commission from our guys have been the true and grow up a lot. In a short period of time, um and handle all the things that were going on, but I couldn't be more proud of how they handle it. Coach, You know, it's great, talked again, by the way, and I'm just you know, you got the season coming up and you're starting a little late, but everybody in the conference is in the same boat. But what is your concern? What's your primary concern or concerning you and your staff, guys try to get these guys ready to get to go. The biggest concern is this virus. I think we've had We've got all the precautions that we can have. But this thing has circled the globe multiple times, and it's everywhere. So the chances that that someone in arson are bubble during the course of the year. Well, we'll catch the virus is still relatively high, and there's still a possibility that it's going to happen. No more probability. So preparing for that Perry for the layers of your coaches now, you know. Hey, If we're gonna miss this coach, then this person has to has to take responsibility on Game day. You have to think you're all those things your staff European players just because you know that this thing's cropped up in its crept in AA lot of different places, so that's the biggest thing and then beyond that. Now It's just getting ready to play travel you're dealing with, You know different rules for hotels and claimed and buses, so I'm not a logistical things. But the driving force for me is you see, we're going to practice. But guys are so excited. Um, their daily lives right now. I said that's too group of alumni idea tonight. We think about all the things that We think about our college and outside of Class and our support our guys get none of that. All those other things that come to our mind. We think of our time in college right now. They don't get any of that. And I feel so bad for them, but at the same time they understand, you know, Gosh, At least I get to go to class and Lisa gets to play football. So have that appreciation for what we're asking these these young people to do is significant, but you see them when they get a chance to go on the field and run around and play this ridiculous sport that he loves. That's the voice of Stanford head coach David Shaw. Joining us on the only guest line here on the Tolbert Kruger and Brooke Show. Is there anything With this unusual situation that you feel you and your coaching staff and by extension your team can take advantage of Can. Can you use this as a teachable moment to get a teacher? Your individual players, sort of personal responsibility. Take care yourself and by extension, your taking care of others. So there's kind of a teamwide responsibility placed on their shoulders. I'm just don't nose out. As a couple of examples. Is there anything that kind of goes in that direction? Oh, there's no question. It's part of our usually our summer conditioning. We find different ways to tie guys to each other. It's the ultimate team sport and we could have one great player and not be any good at all. But you can have no great players and a lot of decent players and play great as a team, so We typically find ways to say Okay, you did. Great teammates didn't do great. So you've lost so we develop these competitions will. This is the biggest one. Now Every decision you make, you have to think about your teammates. Are you? Are you gonna wear your mask? Are you goingto do takeout and not dying in? Are you going to keep this is from people. War. You're gonna put yourself and your teammates at risk because it's not just getting the virus. It's also having high risk contact. You get the virus and you put other guys too close to you and your highest contacts. You can wipe out a good portion of your team for 14 days period. And that's that's where that's what's happened all over the country that bunch down a bunch of different campuses. We just keep pointing out to those those those of the dead. This is what happened so that it may creep in just because is a really, really tough bug. Um, but Are our effort has to be doing everything they can to keep this virus today. It seems like AA team leadership to me would be important here because the coach you could say that's all they want. But let's be honest. I mean, kids that age are engineered to just do stupid stuff. When we all work that we do step that we look back on a regret. It seems like this is worth more. You go ahead. I would. I would definitely be in that category. There's any doubt about that, you know, but it seems to me coach the team like the leaders in the team. Would be more able T get through to some of the players saying, Hey, this is us. We want to play. You want to play? We all want to play. We've got to do this together because you know it. Just messing it up for you. You mess it up for all of us and the all of us, and it seems like a message like that coming from the team from team leaders. Would really, really sink in, at least to me. It would There's no question about it, especially guys that Our seniors and plan on playing these seven plus games and going going to the NFL, and they don't want to lose a game so they don't want someone else causing them to lose a game. So You know, the unit from those guys is great because I still said I had great coaches right on. Denny Green was my head coach Bill Walsh is a head coach Brian Billick, that receivers coach turned Willingham was on the staff Ron Turner. Coaching, and still the most impactful voice that I had in my time was coming from. Shall we go to the pros? Let's talk a little 40 Niner football. Matty Naoko stopped by the morning show today with morphine back on these sports later we've been talking about just wrapping her head around this patriot. You know, it's a team we don't see ever You know, everybody has sort of a passing knowledge of the Brady Belichick patriots. But they're not the Brady Belichick Patriots anymore, and they delayed a serious egg against the Denver Broncos last Sunday. Which kind of heightens your radar, right, But In your early scouting here of this Patriot team. What's the vibe? And is it a team? The Niners Khun Go beat, Or is it impossible to imagine Belichick losing multiple games at home in a row where you had mentally as for the in terms of the matchup?.

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