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Appointed by mayor Kenny but things have changed a wide W. crime and justice reporter Christian Johannson been talking to people in the police department as well as the city's fraternal order of police and Chris what is the awful PC yeah Steve I got right on the phone with John make nasty who says that he wished absolutely it felt like a kick in the gut when he actually heard this news that the commissioner has submitted his resignation yeah here this is a little bit of a longer sound bite of exactly exactly how we felt just moments after we learned the news while shocked I mean you know unexpected and it's not a good day for the city one now when the police commissioner resigned specially one that's been you know pretty good working relationship with us and got along well with the community and overall cool guy was a classmate of mine and you know if the things we couldn't work out you know behind the scenes we worked out and it was never personal so when a missile and yes we just to mention here actually graduated with the police commissioner from the police academy back there thirty years ago or so and he says that the union actually is likely to have a bit of a say in who they would choose as their next leader of the police department but he did say he had a long conversation with the commissioner we haven't actually heard back yet from the commissioner himself for the for now former commissioner himself I do want to mention her though that there are two women deputies who were actually helps commissioner roster now former commissioner Ross through the last three years under his leadership robin Lynn I should say I'm sorry robin Wimberley who is one of them she's actually black woman and Christine cultures the other white woman who actually now been named the acting up police commissioner as of right now so will only have to see where this goes what happens now it but these allegations everybody's been taxing in saying they're actually shocked Steve prison Johannson Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross forced out as the city's top cop after new allegations of sexual harassment as well as gender and racial discrimination among the rank and file the charges do not accuse the commissioner of harassment but mayor Kenny saying he does ultimately be Lee eve that Ross's resignation is in the best interest of the department and as Christian Johannson and Loeb have been reporting a deputy commissioner will take over well the city begins a search for a new police commissioner.

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