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I felt so let down, and then they did the second one with the with the Predator Alien Hybrid, and I was like all right, just just stop. Just just hang up. I appreciate a requiem, because at least the aliens or scary in the. Like a mean mother because it's like Yup, they looked like overweight pro wrestlers in a VP one now absolutely didn't look like predators, and they had like a frigging fight scene where they were throwing each other around, and it's like that they're supposed to be based Samurai man. It's true well that yeah, so that that my big thing. The universe was like that's my. That's my home. Is that universe? That's pretty dope the the last question rob hotseat. Obviously being in the industry. What is your favorite fight scene of all time? Damn Dude. I wish I had like a quick go to answer for that I wish I had a quick to answer for all your questions. Because your podcast they're going to be cut to. Pieces are going to be four hours long. I have a couple that are my absolute favorites one of them that always comes, and I think it's just the one that always pops out is there's this final fight in this Korean film called the man from Nowhere Yup Lovie you've seen that one. Yup, so truth be told I've seen the actual movie one and a half times. I've watched that final fight like maybe a hundred times like I've I've written like little facebook post essays about just how much I love and adore that final fight. It's not an action, heavy movie now four or five fights in the higher film, but that final final throwdown between him and the gangsters and the assassin is so poetic. The musical score is the best music I've ever heard to a fight scene ever and the amount of character that goes into that moment from his switch moment when the macguffin in the scene is like destroyed, I'm gonNA. Call them and I want to spoil spoiler force, but it's going end when the Bagai shines on and tries to torment the good guy, and then when the guy has switched moment, you just see all of a sudden. It's a fight scene where our hero like okay Batman scares bag is no, no, no, the punisher scares bag is no no, no, no this. This Korean character makes. In the room absolutely terrified of him in his quest for revenge, and it's like it's so beautiful in the sense that you know that this character is so hurt and so damaged. He's going to make these people pay for it and I'm not a huge revenge porn sorta guy, but it's so real and so well done, and it's one of the only times in a fight scene where shaky, Cam. Because the shaky cam conveys the perspective of people watching this guy being absolutely terrified of how he's moving, and they're not able to keep up with them, and they're just like a worse crude. Oh, we're dead. This guy we. We should not have pushed him so that's definitely one of my top one, and then the only other one that I'll say today is kind of keep it a little. Little Bit Short Yup is and this is weird because I'm not saying Jackie Chan. Jet, Li I do think there's amazing fight scenes from all those guys. I love the final fight and way of the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris the lake, one of my other favorite final fights stuff that I pull inspiration from what I try and make fight scenes is actually the fight between Mad Max. Max and Furioso idea and the bride and knocks in fury road up where they first meet, and everything is a weapon. Every characters involved and every shot tells the story, and it's quick cut. Yup, put all Senator Franken waited, and it's just like every moment something interesting happened, and the physicality is fantastic and again the music is incredible, and the performances are just. It's like holy crap. Everything just went to. To Hell and these characters are literally fighting every single second. One of them could die, and that is so different from a martial arts movie fight where like people are throwing punches at each other a hundred times over, and it's like well. There's risk but not yet. Yup, every beating fight is like so ten like he's pulling out shotgun. She's pulling out a fire hose. He's in a mass like. I I love and I think it's one of the best teams to come last twenty years I've you know it was funny? Just a I did want to add one thing I enjoyed about the man from nowhere is i. was a big Fan of the movie, the professional, so yeah, yeah yeah. Yeah, so I love a lot of that inspiration that was in that movie that because I just enjoyed the cinematography of that movie, and how well it was done, and the man from nowhere definitely did that, so it's actually I was really blown away. You pick that that's that's such an underrated flick Fran. And especially in its aged well to know it really has like it's still completely watchable. Back and watch the whole thing again. I just I do remember loving the story when I watched it I. Just I haven't had the time to sit down and watch it all over again since. It does pull from Leon, and then it's also like hey, for everybody that the movie taken go watch. This is the Korean version of taken. The gravitas is so much higher the Pfizer so much better. I don't dislike the fight and take I. Think they're fine for what they are, but like and I love Liam Neeson's. I love me some Liam Neeson's. This this this guy is so good in this movie and It's definitely one of the Ba-. It's such it's such an archetype now when you think of things like the last of us and bioshock infinite in every other video game how there's like some big strong older guy, taking care of a young woman hundred percent. Like you're saying like Leon which if you watch the full director's cut of the professional? You're like okay. This is starting to go into creepy projection territory. Could could not freak me out here and tell me about your underage girl. Power fantasy like I actually like the theatrical cut better, because while I do appreciate those teams for the performances I. Do see why the audience would react negatively to that. WAYPOINT. Basan could have gone with but I love. I cry at the end of the professional man I love that movie but the man from nowhere from what I remember is just. It doesn't have that part to it. It's very genuine relationship because this guy is just likely on. He's Kinda on the fringe. He just wants to protect this girl and then someone screws with him, and they make the wrong choice by. By doing it and the ending killed you 'cause you don't know which way it's going to go there. You go so good. It's so good. The the the last part of our interview I like to call reach one teach one just to give our listeners something actionable that they can work on on the way out for you especially with such a diverse career I'm just going to keep it very simple. For someone that's a starting a whether. They're starting out in the in the stunt industry starting out as a martial artist. What's one piece of actionable advice? You give a person that's just starting out. As really great, because I was asked that question earlier by by this student. That I'm trying to consult with She's moving to Kansas. City. I don't like I said I don't know. Missouri or I thought it was Oklahoma. anyways, She hasn't done a lot of martial arts before and I was like well. What's your physical background? And she was like I did tennis and basketball volleyball, and like great. You're you're already so far ahead because you have any physical background so like step number one is like..

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